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Building Fair Brno
26.-29.2. 2020

Building Fair Brno

For four days, the Exhibition Center Brno belonged to the construction, crafts and interior design


The Building Fair took place in a new pre-spring term in three pavilions and hosted over 26 thousand visitors – professionals, people from the common public interested in building, reconstruction or household furnishing. Part of the Fair was also the student Championship of the Czech Republic from seven different fields and the biggest domestic exhibition of student design. On four different places, there was a permanent lecture programme that includes information about healthy living and other current trends. A record-high number of fifteen booths with free counselling were available and the visitors could also win one of many attractive prices. 

The trio consisting of the Building Fair Brno, The DSB Fair – Timber Construction Fair, and the MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair moved from April to the end of February and the beginning of March so the Fair comes before the start of the new construction season. In total, there were 314 exhibitors mainly from the Czech Republic showing their products and services on the area of 18 344 m2.

The biggest pavilion of the Brno Exhibition Centre, the Pavilion P, brought together a presentation of construction and related fields. There were prominent companies and brand from the Czech construction market, such as FenStar, Lomax, Schiedel, Sun System, Thermona, Velux, Wienerberger, Ytong and others. At their booths, there was an abundance of new products and the best specimens competed for the Gold Medal of the Building Fair Brno 2019. Four different products that promote human health, natural resources and environment were awarded. Three Golden Medals were given to Tondach ČR for their SALSA 13 movable tile, Velux ČR for their VELUX ACTIVE indoor environment management unit, and to Tepelná čerpadla Mach for their Chameleon Hybrid heat pump. The Honorary distinction by the committee went to Czech Energy Team for their Hanergy HanTile glass photovoltaic tile.

People interested in furniture, home accessories and interior design went to the Pavilion F to visit the MOBITEX Fair. The exhibition showed them current trends in design, technological gadgets from so-called smart home, and furniture for healthy lying and sitting as well. The best exhibits competed in the Grand Prix MOBITEX 2019 Competition in the category Progressive Design and Progressive Technology. Among the winners, there was a bedroom Karolína by JITONA, a radiator TERMA Camber by Dobráklíma, a bedroom Deira from Postelia, a collection of linen bags for bread CHLIEB by Slovakian Localhand workshop, and a dinner table by the Czech WOOD 4 EVER. Additionally, the participation of five school ins the Grand Prix MOBITEX 2019 resulted in 104 exhibits. The main winner was Filip Krampl from the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem with his Sokui project inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of gluing wood with rice.

The newly opened Pavilion Z focused student construction crafts competitions that used to be outside into one place. The Masters of Weekdays 2019 was the name of a unique three-day event that brought together the best students from vocational schools from six different fields. In the arena of the Pavilion Z, young tinsmiths, roofers, carpenters, chimney sweepers and upholsters competed for the titles of Champions of the Czech Republic. Together with them, young plumbers showed their skills in the traditional in the Student Plumber 2019 Competition. Additionally, the Pavilion Z hosted the Carpenter Championship of the Czech Republic. The purpose of these competitions was to popularize the skills of young craftsmen, the high-quality work of the vocational schools and to advertise crafts. And according to the feedback, it was 100% successful.

The accompanying programme was done by the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in the Construction and focused on a different topic each day. The lectures about water management, fire safety, barrier-free living, and healthy living were made for both professionals and common people. The individual lecture panels then discussed passive homes, introducing BIM into the construction process or the quality of the indoor environment in buildings; and a special lecture programme focused on wooden houses. One of the most attractive topics of the accompanying programme of the MOBITEX Fair was the cooperation of students with producers, the safety of furniture for children, the ergonomics in interior and the eleven megatrends influencing furniture sector.

Directly in the pavilions, there were fifteen (!) free counselling centres that dealt with any field related to construction, renovation and furnishing of houses. The experts helped visitors with legal and technical issues, with grant applications or with choosing right building material, technologies and healthy furniture. 

The next year of the Building Fair Brno, the DSB Fair and the MOBITEX Fair will be held on 26th-29th February 2020.


What was said about fairs

Jiří Kuliš, the CEO of the Brno Exhibition Centre

I believe that in the future, the Mobitex Fair will include more designs created for this fair. In construction, it is not entirely true that the fair is the mirror of the field. If there is a crisis and nothing is being built, the companies save money and if the construction field thrives, there are too many contracts and they say that they don’t need any fairs. The fair should be mainly targeted at small and medium businesses and craftsmen, developers, heating engineers and other people from related fields. It is a platform for the construction field, and I would like for the fair to be targeted this way so the companies can meet here with their bigger customers.

Jiří Koliba, Chief Minister Counsellor for the section of industry, materials and construction of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic

The construction has a beautiful feature: It leaves behind something beautiful, tangible, complete and useful. I always said to myself that I am looking forward to better times for construction when we get out of the big crisis during which the construction lost almost a third of its capacity and productivity. Now the better times are here, and I wish that they will last as long as possible so we can meet here each year and say: “It is good, I have too many contracts”.

Dominika Hejduková, head of the centre for education and information, Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in the Construction

Similarly to the last year, we set up a counselling centre in which we provided professional consulting. We met with immense interest. This year, there was a new item on the programme – the lectures for the general public about healthy living, fire protection, water management or barrier-free buildings. I am nicely surprised by the number of visitors. There were around 50 attendants on our lectures, so we had to get more chairs every day.  

Hana Lodinová, member of The Guild of Heating and Plumbing Czech Republic presidium

Each year, we are at the Construction Fair Brno and we provide counselling to the visitors. This year, we were very happy about the Fair, about our booth that is yet the biggest we ever had and about the programme of accompanying lectures. However, we are the most excited about the new arrangement of the competitions in the pavilion Z. When they used to be outside they were all around the place but now, all the crafts are at one place which makes an interesting spectacle for the visitors. The round pavilion Z is perfect for competitions, that was a great idea.

Lenka Trandová, director, The Association of Prefab Homes Providers

At the Fair, the Association has a booth together with a counselling centre for people interested in the wooden houses. It had many visitors. On Saturday, we prepared a programme that went throughout the whole day and was about wooden houses and material used for building them. The first lecture had a high attendance which means a good sign that today will be successful in terms of attendance. 

Martin Čudka, Czech Furniture Manufacturers Association president

The Czech furniture manufacture industry grows, and its success lies rather in export than on the local market. The local demand is usually satisfied with cheap imported furniture. These Fairs serve us as a place for educating the customers and for supporting the work made by hands, which are two separate crafts. The MOBITEX is a good platform where producers, designers and furniture manufacturers meet. You can see current trends here and mainly it is an opportunity for the Czech furniture manufacturers to be more visible on the local market.

Lucia Haraslínová, chairwoman of the Cluster of the Czech Furniture Manufacturers

For several years, we are the partner of the MOBITEX Fair where the members of our Cluster exhibit their products and succeed with them. At our booth, we are trying to educate customers and this year, we are for example showing a dresser which one half looks like it should and the other half looks like dresser should not look like.

Helena Prokopová, guild master of The Guild of Upholsters and Decorators of the Czech Republic

The MOBITEX Fair is a place for great companies to meet. However small their number, these are the right companies that can show the customer how an upholstering should be made, how a bed should be made. They simply see the best quality that can be found in this field. As a judicial expert, I hear complaints from the customers that buy very cheap and poor-quality products, so I am glad that the fair gives public this important information.

I was glad that this year of the Building Fair Brno, the Championship of the Czech Republic of upholstering students participated as well. The Pavilion Z is beautiful. An arena of young people and all construction crafts was there. It was very successful and the atmosphere was incredible. Even the students felt good because they had a lot of space and could work as they are used to from their school. It is great to have competitions of the Fair, it is a meeting place for producers, designers and of course, future producers who can show their skills.

Dagmar Koudelková, jury chairwoman and director of the National Centre of Furniture Design

This year's contributions to the student competition Grand Prix Mobitex are very interesting not matter whether it is furniture, lighting, or textile. The is over a hundred authors and there are mainly students' projects that were created in cooperation with companies. That is exactly what we wanted to achieve, that is why we named the theme 'Student versus producer'. It is amazing that companies that are part of this Fair are open to cooperation with student despite them knowing it might not be easy.  We would like to thank the Exhibition Centre Brno that they make this fair possible, without them, there would be no student furniture and interior accessories exhibition such as this in the Czech Republic. 

Radka Kocandová, Senior Marketing Specialist from VELUX Česká republika, s.r.o.

After a long time period, VELUX is once again part of the Construction Fair Brno. We decided to attend because of the healthy and smart living themes that our company is focusing on this topic for a long time and because of the Fair's aim at the end customers. Our booth was visited by people interested in our portfolio, electrification of windows or lighting in bungalows, which are our relevant target groups. We are also happy that we won the gold medal for our Indoor environment management unit VELUX ACTIVE.

Kateřina Kořenková, marketing specialist, XELLA CZ, s.r.o.

Our company is a traditional exhibitor at the Building Fair Brno. We are here every year. In comparison with the last year, we can see that the Fair stepped up a notch. We offer our customer a complete solution for the construction of their houses, we have our complete range here that are complementary. The Fair's added value for us it the direct contact with the customers that want to get to know YTONG and other brands, that are interested in the material and want to see and touch it. Our demonstrations were a huge success and attracted a whole lot of visitors that had the opportunity to work with our material. People always consider building a house thoroughly and they have a lot of questions. We are trying to make them comfortable as much as possible, give them a space for their decision and give them the opportunity to get to know us better.

Radek Dufek, business manager, LOMAX

This year, we brought two of our new products – aluminium entrance doors that we started producing last year, and a new type of outdoor blinds Z70 which features are unique on the European market. As for the Fair, Friday and Saturday were the most interesting regarding the number of visits.

Stanislav Mach, CEO of the TC MACH, s.r.o.

We came back to the Building Fair Brno after 10 years of our absence we feel good about it. I can see that the quality has increased, and I like it here. We want to make ourselves visible, so we attended the competition for the Gold medal of the Building Fair Brno and we actually won it. We also acquired a lot of contacts. Only during Thursday, we were contacted by 81 interested individuals that we will visit, and we negotiated contracts for at least CZK 10 million.  

David Rybníček, CEO for the Czech Republic, FenStar

Considering that we attended several years of the Fair in a row, we try to approach our customers with something unconventional – by showing security windows and how it behaves when someone is trying to break into it. We were satisfied with the number of visitors. Wednesday and Thursday could use more visitors but it is still worth it to be here. We will certainly attend the Fair next year.

Roman Mikeska, business manager, ARS System s.r.o., member of the Emil Group

We came to the Building Fair Brno to introduce our new product from the field of outdoor tile systems that premieres in Brno. We also encountered a high demand for the new system Pave And Go. We had a lot of work from the morning till the evening, so we are satisfied.

Rostislav Dvořák, product manager, LIKO-S

Last year, we won the Building Fair Brno Gold medal for our green facade. We bragged about it everywhere and I think it helped our business. The demand for our green solutions is definitely increasing and we can observe its year-on-year rise. The ones who are interested are usually house owners and so we reach out to them here at the Fair.

Petr Vokoun, CEO, BIM Projects

I was nicely surprised by how many people attend the Fair. I did not expect so many people even though our target group are mainly designers and other professionals I would like to meet more often. There are mainly end clients here, they do not deal with BIM. Maybe they will in the future when they are interested in smart houses.

Jaroslav Frantál, sales representative, RASL Upholstered Furniture, Model Smart Home project

I attend fairs since 1992 and the one in Brno is a prestigious one for me. At the project's booth, there are six different brands that specialize in smart homes and their sound systems, beautiful flooring, wall spatulas, lighting, upholstered furniture, chairs and decorative glass. Currently, the Fair is a place for us to demonstrate exclusive products. On Friday and Saturday, we had a lot of visitors and we are satisfied with their interest. McIntosh audio with Wilkins speakers that is worth almost three million surely attracts attention.

Kamil Bělík, director of Saffron Beds CZ

We specialize in the Scandinavian type of three-layer continental beds made purely from natural material. At the fair, we show the complete portfolio of our brand Saffron Beds. It is our sixth time here in a row and we like MOBITEX very much, we think it is an important fair. We can show our clients and potential customers what we can make, including the largest bed no just in the fair but the largest bed in Brno. We have also been blessed with good weather this year so there are many customers and we are also satisfied in the term of conducted contracts. 

Miroslav Vrba, director of JITONA a.s. plant in Třebíč

We are happy about our success with the Karolína bedroom and winning the Grand Prix Mobitex Award for progressive design. This award doesn't just appreciate the work of the young designer Zuzana Škrinárová but also the work of all technicians and workers that produced it. It is a great honour for us, and we will use the award for marketing purposes as well but won't rest on our laurels of course. It is important to continue this established trend and we would like to bring a new model series each year.

Peter Furi, sales representative, Dobráklíma s.r.o., Slovakia

The Fair allows its visitors to use all their senses – you can see the products here, listen to them, touch them or even smell them. I think that in the current computer world it is important not to lose touch with reality and to experience one's ideal living, design and home comfort. We won second place in the Grand Prix Mobitex Competition for our TERMA Camber radiator. We cannot imagine a better launch of a brand-new product into the market. To win an award at the first public fair is a great start.

Monika Slabá, co-owner, WOOD4EVER

We are a small family company, we are in the market for 20 years. We have experience with Fairs abroad and we are at the Fair in Brno for the first time and we are happy about the excitement and the number of visitors at our booth. It greatly motivates us to continue with our work. We won an award for our dinner table made in accordance with the way of old masters so it is really honest handwork. We were delighted by the members of the expert committee that appreciated its quality and the way it was made. Our vision is to keep the honest work and traditional craft alive in the Czech Republic – that is also why we are in the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers.

Peter Šipos, Hand Made Company owner, Slovakia

At the Fair, we won second place for our collection of linen bags Chlieb in the Progressive technology category. The first place was not awarded so we think of our award as half-gold one. It pleasantly surprised us, we are happy about it and it is also a great compensation for the work we do in our sheltered workshop.

Date: 2 Mar 2019 18:12:00

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