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Building Fair Brno
26.-29.2. 2020

Building Fair Brno

Every day a different theme of accompanying program


Each day of the Construction Fair Brno will be devoted to one topic led by the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in the Construction that will include interesting lectures and discussions. During the whole Fair, there will be experts available for counselling various legal and technical issued related to designing, building, reconstructing and using buildings. Each day, there will be a specialist on the day's topic.

Wednesday 27. 2. 2019 – Topic of the day: Water management

The water management is currently a hot topic, especially in relation to extremely high temperatures and lack of rain during the whole year. That is why increasingly more experts and common users are concerned about how to use water repeatedly or how to get it from a different source other than public water supply, e.g. from the wilderness, rainwater or groundwater. These key topics will be discussed on 27th February 2019 by Ing. Zuzana Vyoralová, PhD in her lectures "Reusing wastewater and rainwater" and "Wells".

On this day, there will also be a series of lectures and round-table discussions lead by the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in the Construction (ČKAIT) – a seminar called Round Table – Management of water, a strategic material, will focus on the issues of water supply, using rainwater, wastewater and its cleaning, and possibility to acquire support from the State Environmental Fund. This seminar will be held at 10 a.m. in the Pavilion P, hall P1.

Thursday 28. 2. 2019 – Topic of the day: Fire safety

Fire is a good servant but a bad master. We like the warmth of a fireplace or a romantic candle light dinners but if a fire accidentally spreads or appears in a flat or a house, it creates a great danger. If we want to avoid this danger and be warned in time that there's a risk of fire, it is good to have our home properly secured. The safety needs to be secured in both houses and flats. On 28th February 2019, Ing. Marie Rusinová, PhD will tell us what safety requirements and norms need to be fulfilled.

Friday 1. 3. 2019 – Topic of the day: Barrier-free living

The average age in the Czech Republic rises each year and our population provably ages. The old age is sadly accompanied by numerous health problems and movement restrictions. Therefore you can find yourself in a situation in which you are taking care of your parents and you encounter barriers in your household, either flat or a house, or at the entrance or directly in your flat. The issues of barrier-free living do not concern just people on a wheelchair but anyone whose movement is limited in any way. You can find out how to beat these issues at the lecture by Ing. Renata Zdařilová, PhD on Friday, March 1st 2019.

Saturday 2.3. 2019 – Topic of the day: Healthy living

Nowadays, people spend 90% of their time inside buildings, therefore, these building should fulfil the requirement of healthy living. This way of living maintains our health and also positively affects a person as a whole, and it also affects our mental health and performance. Whereas nature has an abundance of mechanisms that can clean and restore the air, these mechanisms do not work inside the building and it is necessary to ensure them during construction. On the 2nd of March 2019, there will be two experts from the National Institute of Public Health speaking on the topic of Healthy Living.

Date: 26 Feb 2019 08:23:00

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26. - 29.2. 2020

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