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Building Fair Brno
26.-29.2. 2020

Building Fair Brno

Building Fairs Brno offered solutions and consultancy for building and home equipment


From 25 to 28 April, the Brno Exhibition Centre hosted the Building Fairs Brno, the MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair and the DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno. Concurrently, the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR exhibition with conference and the Ptáček Heating – Sanitaryware – Bathrooms Fair were held.

320 direct exhibitors from 9 countries presented themselves at the Brno Exhibition Centre, and their displays were visited by 27,400 visitors from 15 countries. An integral part of the event was a very attractive sideline programme, and ten consultancy centres focused on all areas related to construction and reconstruction topics.

The displays of the Building Fairs Brno and the Wooden House Exhibition Brno filled up Hall P and the adjacent outdoor areas. Exhibitors and partner associations and guilds prepared not only attractive practical demonstrations, but also competitions and practical consultancy centres. In addition to the Traditional Building Consultancy Centre (ČKAIT) or the Association of Prefabricated Buildings Suppliers, visitors could find, for example, consultancy for BIM, which stands for Building Information Modelling, and for the first time an Advisory Centre for Windows and Sunshading Technology. The outdoor areas of ​​the fair were also visually appealing, whether it was a craft demonstration or the Garden project with practical examples of garden architecture and design. The finals of the Plumber Apprentice contest or the Czech Championship in the fields of joinery, roofing, carpentry and chimney sweeping  took place directly in the exhibition area. As part of the sideline programme, the ČKAIT Engineering Day attracted the greatest attention to the construction of high-speed railway lines. However, other topics, such as the Flood Protection of the City of Brno, the BIM application conference, or the Healthy Housing Seminar in a Modern Wood Building block of seminars were also in the centre of attention.

An integral part of the fair is also the competition for the Gold Medal of Building Fairs Brno, which this year was given to  three exhibitors. The first gold medal was awarded to the Schiedel KINGFIRE GRANDE S chimney in the design category, by the manufacturer Schiedel GmbH & Co. KG. KG. Another Gold Medal was awarded to a complete line of acoustic bricks Porotherm Aku Profi / Profi Dryfix from the company Wienerberger Brick Industry, a.s. within the category of innovative materials. The third awarded company was LIKO-S, a.s. for their exhibit The Green Facade made by LIKO-S in the design category.

The displays of the MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair  filled most of Hall F, the rest of the space was dedicated to a students’ design contest and a lecture forum. The GRAND PRIX MOBITEX 2018 was entered by seventeen exhibits. The  Progressive Design category was won by the Maira sofa from the company Polstrin Design, the second place was assigned by the expert jury to the Stadler Form Otto bamboo fan from the company Bibetus and the third place belongs to the hallway set Ventum from the cooperative  Dřevotvar Jablonné nad Orlicí. The winner of the Progressive Material / Technology category was the MagniSmartech biometric bed from the Italian Magniflex brand, the second prize was awarded to the wood light frame from the company Top Advert, and as the third was awarded the Tandem 3-segment work desk exhibited by the company Office Pro Service. In the GRAND PRIX MOBITEX - student section, visitors viewed 80 designs or products from 92 students from five high schools and universities. The winning exhibit was the Memo nutwood dining table, designed by Dominika Sirná from the Furniture, Design and Housing Institute of the Mendel University in Brno. In addition, nine student prizes were awarded, both by the jury and by the partners and sponsors of the competition.

Concurrently with the Building Fairs Brno, the PTÁČEK Fair took place, organized by the company PTÁČEK – velkoobchod; it was opened to the general public on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April. As part of this event, the company PTÁČEK – velkoobchod offered its products from more than 150 suppliers in the sector of heating – gas – water – sanitaryware – utility networks.

The first season of the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR clearly demonstrated that smart cities are a substantial topic, as well as Smart Resources (smart resource management) and Smart Governance (smart management of towns and municipalities). Over two days, the event was attended by almost 1,000 professional visitors, primarily representatives of towns and municipalities as well as smart city experts, nearly fifty exhibiting companies and representatives of non-profit organizations. A number of foreign guests arrived in Brno, especially from Central Europe – Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Slovenia, as well as from other countries.

Eighty-nine journalists got accredited for the event.

The next season of Building Fairs Brno will take place on 27 February to 2 March 2019.

What was said about the fairs

Jaroslav Kacer, Deputy Mayor of Brno for Smart City Area
I am glad that the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR rose as Phoenix from the ashes. It is a great event that means a new life for the Smart City. Our goal is to build a European C2C platform, meaning City to City, to share experience – good  and bad, from which we can learn, and also interlink the academic and business sectors so that cities in the Czech Republic and Europe move further and allow us to live well in them.

Jiří Kuliš, CEO, Trade Fairs Brno
The city of Brno is a clear driver of the Smart City theme in the Central European region. It is therefore logical  that we have decided to grasp this topic in cooperation with the city. This year's first season showed that the demand for a trade fair event with a professional sideline programme at a really European level is strong. I believe that thanks to it, the URBIS brand has regained its place in the trade fair calendar of the Brno Exhibition Centre.

Dominika Hejduková, Head of ČKAIT Education and Information Centre:
Great acclaim was mainly had on our Engineering Day, which was attended by a large number of professionals. On the eve before the opening of the trade fair, the Ouvertura meeting was held, where the Building Book was solemnly christened. We used the trade fair mainly for vocational training, including consultancy in our Advisory Centre, and it was traditionally of great interest to the general public. People have already learned to come to us because they know we are providing good information. We have become some kind of certainty in this area. In addition, this year we were also visited by developers who were interested in the possibility of building loans. From our point of view, the fair was a success.

Petr Bača, sales and service of gasifying boilers ATMOS, KESSEL BIO s.r.o.:
I enjoy the fair. Our subsidized gasifying boiler met with great interest. In the South Moravian Region still continue the boiler subsidies, so a lot of people visited the exhibition. Most were seriously interested in buying this technology. Of course, we will only evaluate these contacts after the end of the fair. We have in fact gathered a very good number of contacts. In addition, wholesale staff came to see us from those firms that buy our goods and wanted explanations about the function of individual boiler types. From the point of view of the company, the Building Fairs were very successful.

Stanislav Brázda, Head of Sales, Finská sauna-Horavia s.r.o.:
For us the fair was very successful, which is also true of all previous building fairs in Brno. More and more people are interested in the Finnish saunas. This is why we were visited by representatives of suppliers from Finland this year. In addition to the end-users interested in these facilities, a number of business people came in from various companies and offered us products that concern saunas. We also held social meetings with our business partners. Next year we will come back.

Jiří Kadlec, Technical Advisor, LOMAX:
We have been exhibiting regularly at the Building Fair for seventeen years in a row. This year, we got about thirty contacts from new end customers every day. Our firm came to Brno precisely with this goal, so we were satisfied. Of course, we organized business meetings so that everyone could see our presentation. I personally am a supporter of direct contacts between people.

Jaroslav Daňhel, executive, ACTUAL window centre Prague:
For our company, the Building Fairs fulfilled their purpose. We have gained new contacts from end customers. We will evaluate the real success some time after the fair. We arrived at the Brno Exhibition Centre again after seven years, and we will probably be exhibiting next year as well.

Martin Císař,  Key Account Manager, BIM Project, s.r.o.:
This year‘s Brno Building Fairs in Brno have touched the future of the construction industry with two related topics - Construction 4.0 and Building Information Modelling, referred to as BIM. We ran an advisory centre where we acquainted professionals with this programme. I was surprised by the big interest especially on the part of architects and designers interested in the project. Some even said that they were starting to move on to this programme. For our company, the fair was successful.

Milan Jírava, assemblies, SOKOL – OKNA, DVEŘE, VRATA:
I positively appreciate the building fair, my company was satisfied. The main benefit was our contact with people who came to our stand in rather large numbers. In addition, we got a lot of new orders, but we will evaluate them only after the end of the fair. Also, our presentation of luxury doors was viewed directly by their manufacturer from Poland. We were happy with the fair.

Stanislav Karlík, Managing Director, Ferrum s.r.o.:
For us, the Building Fairs Brno are important from the point of view of our image. We have come to Brno regularly for at least ten years and we always invite our business partners to our exhibition stand. Our products, especially floor grids, are highly demanded, which was confirmed during this year‘s fair as well. We offer a wide range of goods, above all metallurgical material for construction companies. Our company was satisfied with its participation in the fair.

Lenka Janů, assistant of the ENERGY division, LIKO-S, a.s.:
This year we participated in the Brno fair for the first time and we were satisfied with the participation. The background of the fair is excellent, especially good display preparation. We are glad that we have won the Gold Medal, which will not only increase our image, but may also increase public interest in our products. We also got a number of new contacts. For our business, the fair was successful.

Lucia Haraslínová, Chairwoman of the Czech Furniture Makers‘ Cluster (KČN):
The MOBITEX Fair was once again a platform for meeting the furniture owners who showed their new products as well as evergreens. I saw here design that repeats itself on the wave of contemporary retro moods after 25 years. For KČN it was definitely a successful year, our members had a successful joint display and one of our member‘s products has even won a prize. Our sideline programme met with a positive response and had a larger audience than in previous years. The lectures were inspirational and overall I think the fair fulfilled what it had promised.

Jaroslav Frantál, Commercial Director at EXIT 112 s.r.o. - BÖHM upholstered furniture:
At the MOBITEX trade fair, we have been exhibiting for 25 years as one of the few companies without interruption since the very first season. It mainly means for us to present our company to end customers, we have a permanent clientele here and we cannot complain about the interest in our sofas. As we have been exhibiting for a quarter of a century, the third generation of customers –grandchildren to whom their grandmothers recommended a Böhm sofa – come here to see us.

Jiří Strnka, Sales Representative of the company Top Advert s. r. o.:
We are exhibiting for the first time at MOBITEX to introduce our new product, with which we are targeting the area interior design. We were interested to see how the market would like it, and so far it seems that the interest is great. I think the participation for us has met what we expected and will have a business effect as well. We have talked here with a number of designers and some end customers want to take the exhibits from the stand right away.

Date: 30 Apr 2018 09:51:00

Concurrently with

DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno
26. - 29.2. 2020

26. - 29.2. 2020

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