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Aduro H3 Lux



Product: Aduro H3 Lux
Location: Hall V, Stand No. 130
Producer: Aduro A/S
Exhibitor: hede kamna s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

You can use Aduro Hybrid stoves just like normal stoves. However, if you want to come to a warm home when nobody is home, or if you don't want to fight the burning of a stove, then you can program the stove and it will automatically start to burn pellets before you arrive.

During the evening you can heat wood as standard, enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful flames. The combustion of the pellets stops automatically when the internal system measures the temperature generated by the wood heating above 290 ° C. As soon as the wood burns and the temperature in the stove drops to 100 ° C, the pellet operation will start again and the stove will continue to heat while you need to sleep according to the room temperature you set.


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