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3.-7.4. 2022

Fair of renewable energy sources in agriculture and forestry

Plant and animal production, forestry and renewable energy in April 2021 at the Brno Exhibition Grounds

The next year of the Brno agricultural and forestry fairs will take place from 11 to 14 April 2021. After the postponement of the TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS fairs, which were to take place in 2020, the next year will have an extraordinary set. Trade fairs specialized in plant and animal production will take place together, ie TECHAGRO and ANIMAL TECH with the National Livestock Exhibition, with which the Brno Exhibition Center will open for visitors to the SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS trade fairs. The date of the event is four days from Sunday to Wednesday. For exhibitors who register by September 30 , a 10% price advantage applies.

The year 2021 of agricultural and forestry fairs in Brno was compiled after negotiations with professional associations and other entities that participate in the fair. The term almost copies the original plan for the postponed TECHAGRO, including the start on Sunday. The combination of plant and animal production is a guarantee of sufficient attractiveness for visitors and the possibility of presentation for exhibitors who combine both areas with their products.

SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS will take place unchanged, focusing on the restoration of the forest after the bark beetle calamity, the presentation and sale of equipment for hunting and staying in nature, and the use of biomass for energy purposes. For the field of energy use of biomass, this combination is extremely advantageous, because it supports the presentation of both forest biomass processing and agricultural, especially waste from animal production.

With the National Livestock Exhibition, there will be a national championship of Holstein cattle, national championships of beef cattle breeds, a competition show of Czech spotted cattle and another competition program focused on exhibited farm animals. The accompanying program will also include a beekeeping exhibition.

Exhibitions of trophies, specimens, paintings and photographs on hunting and educational exhibitions are planned for the gallery of Pavilion Z.

The professional composition of the year 2021 of the Brno Agricultural and Forestry Fairs is extraordinary. From 2022, the presentation of agriculture, forestry and hunting at the Brno Exhibition Center will return to its original arrangement - in even years, technology for crop production will be exhibited at the TECHAGRO trade fair, in odd years ANIMAL TECH with the National Livestock Exhibition will take place. As in previous years, hunting and forestry will also be presented - SILVA REGINA will be held in parallel with the TECHAGRO trade fair, and the National Hunting Exhibition with the ANIMAL TECH trade fair. The BIOMASS trade fair is planned for even years with the TECHAGRO trade fair.

Trade Fairs Brno are ready to implement all the required hygienic measures that will be prescribed for the organization of trade fairs. The layout and equipment of the Brno Exhibition Center meet all the requirements for visitors and exhibitors to feel safe and be protected as best as possible.


Date: 1 Sep 2020 14:33:00

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3.-7.4. 2022

3.-7.4. 2022

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