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3.-7.4. 2022

Fair of renewable energy sources in agriculture and forestry

Make full use of wood mass


Together with the TECHAGRO and SILVA REGINA trade fairs, the BIOMASS fair was also launched, which specializes in the energy use of renewable resources. Most of its displays are focused on the use of wood mass as well as on of technologies for the utilization of waste from livestock production. The area of firewood processing is also represented. Exhibitors will also present boilers or technologies for the production of pellets; technologies for biogas stations are not missing either.

New products of the producer POSCH have been brought to the trade fair by the company Dřevo-PRODUKT SV. You can also see Spaltflix K-650 Vario Mobil – a mobile cutting and splitting machine. The splitting part automatically splits the pre-cut blocks using an X-shaped blade. The edge length of the logs can be adjusted to the customer's requirements. The key innovation is that these are not two separate machines (two self-standing drive units), but there is only one machine with one drive unit, which can be chosen according to the customer's requirements. At this particular fair, you will see a diesel engine unit.

Professional feeding can also be chosen for the mobile version or the stand-alone option, where timber logs reach a longitudinal conveyor. Improved electronic control optimizes the work of the whole splitting process. The operator only deals with trunk feeding and cutting, the rest of the splitting process works completely automatically. By means of the touchscreen you can adjust the edge length quickly and simply. On the unloading belt, the finished firewood is handed over for cleaning and packaging. The essential fact also is that the end customer produces chips for ignition and logs for heating with a single machine.

The BIOMASS trade fair can be found in Hall Z and also on the outdoor open areas around that hall.

Date: 8 Apr 2018 14:00:00

Concurrently with

3.-7.4. 2022

3.-7.4. 2022

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