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11.-14.4. 2021

Fair of renewable energy sources in agriculture and forestry

Exhibitors and news at the BIOMASS trade fair


Exhibitors at the BIOMASS trade fair will populate a part of Hall Z and its surroundings; their displays will focus mainly on the processing and energy utilization of timber mass and on the processing of firewood.

The company ATMOS has prepared some brand new products for this season: compact D15PX and D20PX automatic boilers for the combustion of pellets. These boilers are supplied as a complete unit with a built-in conveyor, a 175 litre pellet storage tank and an ATMOS A25 pellet burner. Their compact solution allows for installation into small boiler rooms. Additional benefits include an exhaust fan that facilitates dust-free ash collection and environmentally friendly combustion; the boilers‘ efficiency is really high – over 90%.

The South Bohemian company BIBER s.r.o. is the sole representative of the Austrian company Eschlböck GmbH in the sale of BOBR mobile chipping machines, which rank among the leading European products for the processing of waste wood and timber and production of woodchips. The company’s  wide range of chipping machines guarantees that everyone will have a choice. In the range of products you can find machines suitable for chipping of waste wood such as treetops and bushes, machines for cutting wooden material up to 75 cm diameter, as well as universal wood chipping machines. Also worth your attention is Bobr 78, a machine that contains in itself all the knowledge of more than 40 years of the company on the market.

There will be also the company MOUDER s.r.o., which is the general agent of the company HUSMANN on the Czech and Slovak markets. It also represents other brands, including GRÜNDKEN, HEGER, IWK, PAALGROUP, SPALECK, WEIMA and WESTERIA. These are names that guarantee top quality in waste management. The products of individual brands offer, for example, extraordinary technologies for crushing plastics, metals, alternative fuels or biomass.

The company ProPelety s.r.o. deals with comprehensive supplies of technologies for the processing and utilization of energy from plant waste and from fast-renewable natural resources. It delivers, for example, production lines optimized to suit both middle and large farmers who focus on plant production. Customers can choose the lines from the Agro and Agro plus series, which enable the production  of pellets from hay, straw, sawdust or shavings, or from the Wood and Wood plus series to produce pellets from various types of shavings and sawdust. The company also runs its own agripellet manufacturing and supplies technology for environmentally friendly burning of pellets.

Boilers and biofuels

The family-run company AGREO s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor of the German company Heizomat GmbH. It offers its customers complete solutions for the production and processing of biomass and generating energy from it. In addition to boilers burning woodchips and biomass, the company also offers consulting and possibility of provision of spare parts and service. The Czech company AGROMECHANIKA v.o.s will present its own production of solid fuel boilers. This company manufactures hot water boilers burning wood pieces, combined wood-electric boilers, and pellet and brown coal boilers with automatic fuel feeding.

A broad range of automatic solid fuel boilers, combined and classic boilers for solid fuel, wood and biomass, will be brought to  this year's BIOMASA trade fair by the company DEFRO. In addition to domestic boilers, the company also has special boilers for industrial heating in hostels, boarding houses or production halls. Other types of boilers as well as an additional range of products such as universal burners for automatic boilers or retrofitting of existing solid fuel boilers for the use of solid fuels are offered by the company Kovarson s.r.o. Additional exhibitors from the ranks of producers and retailers of boilers for domestic and industrial use include companies such as OPOP s.r.o., Petrojet Trade s.r.o., ROJEK prodej, spol. s r.o., or VIADRUS a.s.

At the BIOMASS 2018 trade fair, exhibitors will also treat visitors to presentations of biofuels. The development, production and sales of biofuels renewable from renewable sources are handled, for example, by the company Ekover Družstvo from Březovice. Their fuel is 100% made of vegetable fibre and sold in the form of briquettes and pellets. The advantage of Ekover's fuels is, among other things, their plant origin, which causes the carbon dioxide released during their combustion not to increase the content of this substance in the atmosphere. Sustainable heating solutions are brought in by the company Regulus spol. s r.o. The company's representatives will advise visitors and offer them products that resolve the issues of solar heating, heat pumps, ventilation with heat recovery, or fireplace inserts.

People interested in biogas stations can obtain information at the stand of the company TRIOL CZ, a.s. The company's range of products includes, for example, Troliet stationary biomass mixers, Wangen spindle pumps for biogas stations or the Jenbacher cogeneration unit. In addition, the company also offers pressing of large-volume prism-shaped biomass bundles. Both new and used waste management equipment such as compost and soil swingers, wood chippers or high-speed and low-speed biowaste crushers will be available at the stand of the company VOSTING, s.r.o.

Use of biomass (not only) in Hall Z

The set of issues of renewable energy sources can be found by visitors also at the TECHAGRO trade fair. Those interested in renewable energy sources definitely should not miss Hall G2, where they can find two companies that have products related to this set of issues in their product range. Vogelsang CZ s.r.o. offers specially modified components for economical and efficient operation of biogas plants. In addition to agricultural technology, RotaCut macerators, X-Ripper single-shaft shredders or dispensers of solid substances for biogas production can also be found in the range of the company’s products. In the same hall, representatives of the company AgriKomp Bohemia s.r.o will provide information to biogas stations. The company has built more than 800 of these not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The company also manufactures key components for biogas stations.

In Hall A1, people can look for the stand of the company Amandus Kahl that offers environmentally friendly boilers and pellet stoves. At the IMC Slovakia stand, visitors can, among other things, get informed about a special pellet production line, which will be appreciated by both small and large farms in the production of biofuel from bio-waste. Do not miss Hall C where you will find the company Agrointeg, s.r.o, which specializes in composting equipment, biomass and renewable energy sources. In addition to sales, it also provides service.

Visitors can also find a range of products related to renewable energy sources and the use of biomass at SILVA REGINA and TECHAGRO exhibition stands.

Date: 13 Feb 2018 08:22:00

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11. - 14.4. 2021

11. - 14.4. 2021

11. - 14.4. 2021

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