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30.3. - 3.4. 2014

Trade Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy in Agriculture and Forestry

Small mobile biogas plant MobiGas


Product: Small mobile biogas plant MobiGas
Location: Open area A
Producer: Pöttinger Entsorgungstechnik GmbH & Co KG
Exhibitor: Agro Trnava s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Mobigas was produced by company Pöttinger Ertsorngungstechnik for processing municipality waste for example grass, fruit, vegetable etc.Mobigas is working by dry way.Basic is always technical container in which is technology.Heart of technology is cogeneration unit from Czech company TEDOM. Next we can find tank for percolate fluid,gasometer, compressor, of course computer systems and the other next elements. To technical container is possible to connect 5 pcs fermentors - these are hermetic containers with dimensions 3 x 3 x 8 m. In these containers is material heated, the air is circulated and sprinkled. The result is biogas which is combusted and by this way is produced electrical energy and heat. Processed material is next used as a compost with high quality.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

It goes about container ´s technology. It means, that when has customer strenghtened area, so we bring all technology on place and within 1 week we mount it and we give it to operate. Next huge different is in it, that Mobigas is really working by dry way. Others say that they are working by dry way, but they has tank for percolate liquid 100m3 and when is container opened you can see half-fluid material. Our containers for percolate has capacity 2m3.


Concurrently with

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

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