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Bike Brno

International Bicycle Trade Show

Exhibitor Instructions

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Schedule of attendance preparations

March, April, May

1/ Decision about participation in the trade show.

  • You shall be sent a letter containing information about the trade show in which you shall find:
    – Trade show info and important dates;
    – Pricing policies of participation at the trade show;
    – Trade show organisation team contact list.

Do not forget to:

  • request the Project manager (see Contacts) to send you trade show info as you shall need it for your decision.
  • ponder the concept of your participation, i.e. what will you present at the show, how will you present your product(s), what surprises can you come up with, how you may set yourself apart from your competition etc.
  • stipulate the budget, i.e. costs connected with the rental of the exhibiting space, staff, exhibition itself, advertising and marketing materials and items etc.
  • set the goal(s) of your participation, i.e. number of business contacts, number of customers visiting your stand, meetings with current customers of yours, or perhaps to raise awareness about your company among both experts and the widest public
  • eventually, decide on participating in the trade show – involve more people in the decision, get them informed about the possibilities.

June, July

2/ Filling of an application form to participate in the trade show.

  • easy to apply ONLINE
  • The application form – a .PDF document – can be downloaded from www.bike-brno.cz
  • It is necessary to decide on the kind of your product and means of its presentation at the trade show – the size and the look of your stand then must be set accordingly. Do not forget that your stand should make visitors interested in you! Presentation quality speaks significantly of the position of your company on the market.

3/ Applications should be submitted until June 30, 2012 should more favourable prices for exhibiting space and choice of installation company be requested.
! In case you submit the application by the due date, exhibiting space price shall be reduced. It is possible to send your applications after this date as well; however, the price for exhibition space rental shall be higher.

  • After submitting a properly filled in application documentation, you shall obtain an advance or down payment invoice accompanied by a confirmation of application and an application form for the Catalogue of Exhibitors.
  • Choose your installation company that will take care of exhibition installation, or contact Ing. Petr Mařík, our Manager responsible for installations. Contact: pmarik@bvv.cz, Ph.: + 420 541 152 950).
  • Small and middle-sized companies can take advantage of our special offer „Exhibiting through a single signature“– it is possible to order exhibition space in conjunction with the services and equipment mentioned below.


4/ Dispatch of advertisement and other documents necessary for the Catalogue before the deadline.

  • Applications into the Catalogue and other publications are due – July 15, 2012
  • Wording of an advertisement that you wish to be published in the Catalogue of Exhibitors – text, logos, pictures.


5/ Delivery of your participation confirmation, location and size of your exhibition and Technical instructions.

  • We shall send you a confirmation of your participation and a location of your exhibition within the trade fair area – since August 21, 2012
  • Order invitations for your customers in advance

6/ Marketing support of your presence at the trade show– FREE OF CHARGE!!!

  • Web pages of the company – you can place a banner of the Bike Brno Show alongside with an invitation to the show (for a free download of the banner, please visit www.bike-brno.cz).
  • Social networking – Facebook, Twitter – add Bike Brno among your favourites, and invite your fans to come to your stand.
  • Advertisement in the media – let readers know that they will have an opportunity to see all innovations for the upcoming season at your stand
  • As much information as possible about innovations, exhibits, other products, company etc. that may be used in mediatisation, PR press releases and web pages of the trade show should be continuously sent to the PR Manager of the project on e-mail: jsmid@bvv.cz.


7/ Propagation of your participation at the trade show, taking part in accompanying events

  • Sending of company invitations or collective codes to your business partners
  • Advertisement in specialized periodicals – participation of your company at the trade show, introduction of the stand location, invitation to the stand etc.
  • Prepare the basis for your company presentation, printing of marketing materials for the show etc.
  • Consider participation in Bike Brno Prestige – a competition for the best exhibit award; submit your cycling jerseys to Fashion shows

8/ Order of exhibition installation, order of electricity, water ONLINE – September 22, 2012

  • Order of power, water and Phephone lines.
  • Submit technical documentation of the exhibitor to Trade Fairs Management for an approval.
  • You shall receive exhibitors’ passes and free entry; here order additional number of these if necessary


9/ Installation of expositions and exhibits, a takeover of your stand from the company responsible for installation October 1 – 3, 2012
! A week before the beginning of installation, payment of invoice covering costs connected with the exhibiting space, power and other services should be checked.

10/ The course of the trade show, October 4 – 7, 2012

  • Prior to the beginning of the trade show, you should determine the staff for the stand; do not forget to train the staff to service at the stand sufficiently
  • time management – create time plan of business meetings of company’s individual salespersons of the company. This should be planned for the whole duration of the trade show.
  • Prepare special spectacles for visitors at the stand (events, competitions, shows, presence of a VIP, expert lectures, presentations etc.), social events and encounters taking place after the end of a trade day and other events. Create experiences and emotions in visitors. Capture visitors and make them interested in your company.
  • Get in contact with visitors – surveys among visitors, enquiries among visitors concerning their interests and comments.
  • Get in contact with the media – actively and helpfully communicate with the media, press, reporters and TV or radio staffers. Create a positive image of a company, present achievements of a company.
  • Get in contact with other exhibitors.

11/ Dismantling of exhibitions and exhibits: October 7 – 9, 2012

October, November

12/ After the trade show has finished

  • Acknowledgements to visitors who visited our exhibition
    - sending of an e-mail or a letter of thanks
    - fulfilment of promises, sending of requested information and materials
  • Trade show assessment
    - both positive and negative impressions
    - assessment of data concerning visits and a term arrangement
    - analyses of the surveys carried out during the show
    - confirmation of the trade show impact (assessment of goals from the perspective of contacts, communication and information)

…why do I go to the trade show and what do I expect from it?

When deciding whether to go to a trade fair or not, first of all we need to know what is the actual reason for us to do so, what exactly to we wish to achieve; apart from that, we need to find ways and measures to achieve this goal.

Appropriate motivation of employees to participate on the trade show is another inseparable part of our managerial decision; it is necessary that employees do not consider their presence at the stand as necessary evil. Quite the contrary – they should understand the importance of their presence and what it means for the company. They should see it as a prestigious event both for the company and themselves.

Upon comparison of internet use and a trade show we have come to the conclusion that a trade show is still the only communication channel where visitors have the opportunity to test exhibits directly and may ask qualified staff other specific questions. When it comes to an Internet presentation, this is still not possible.

Why do companies exhibit at the trade fair?

  • 86 % of the exhibitors take advantage of the trade show in order to present their companies, products and innovations.
  • 68 % companies establish business contacts here.
  • only 17 % of the exhibitors consider the trade show a social event.

What kind of visitor can you expect at your stand?

  • According to statistic analyses, the most common visitor at our trade show is a male person with secondary (leaving certificate) or tertiary education (78 %) whose age ranges between 21 a 40 years.
  • More than half of the visitors is planning a purchase of bicycle, cycling clothes, helmet or other accessories and equipment for cycling in the next 12 months.

Stand approval

Other forms to download:

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