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International Motor Show (June 3 – Press and Trade Day)


<h2>PEUGEOT </h2>

What their plans for Brno are...

1. What was interesting in Peugeot’s offering at this year’s Geneva motor show?
At the Motor Show the facelifted model Peugeot 308 made its global debut, incorporating new stylistic ideals of the latest Peugeot make. All the three versions (hatchback, SW and coupé-cabriolet) adopted a more sophisticated elegance, dynamic characteristics and new standards in environmental efficiency. In terms of the low level of CO2 emission this model has set a new record in this segment emitting only 98g CO2/km; this was made available particularly thanks to the e-HDi technology which has been incorporated in the latest novelty – Pegeot 308 - within the framework of ecological novelties. In Geneva also other extremely environmentally friendly models were showcased; the first diesel hybrid in the world – the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 and the Peugeot i0n electric car.

2. What novelties have the dealers in store for domestic clients in 2011?
In February Peugeot launched the most keenly awaited novelty of this year in the Czech Republic – the Peugeot 508 as a sedan and SW. In the spring customers can look forward to the above mentioned facelift of model 308. We have also updated our best selling model series – the Peugeot 207. In the second half of the year we are launching the first hybrid Peugeot car – the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 which emits less than 100g CO2 / km. Of course we must not forget the entire special series, for instance the Peugeot Partner Family, among others.

3. What newcomers is Peugeot preparing for the Autosalon Motor Show to be held in Brno in June?
At this year’s motor show in Brno Peugeot will present three main specialisations:
- Business – introducing Peugeot 508, the main novelty of this year,
- Family – with a series of family cars (5008, 3008, Partner Tepee etc.),
- Technologies and ecology – demonstrating innovations of the Peugeot make, such as for example e-HDi and the electric car Peugeot i0n which visitors to Autosalon will have the opportunity to try out.
We are also preparing a surprise, a perfect combination of the most sophisticated technologies and environmental efficiency.

Radka Matthey
Public Relations

More information at: www.peugeot.cz

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