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12.-15.5. 2019

International Fair for Animal Production

Holstein Cattle from 20 Breeders will be Presented at the Exhibition


At this year’s National Show of Livestock the National Championship of Holstein Cattle will be held to choose the champion and vice-champion for this breed for 2017.  The association as is traditional will be ensuring maximum objectivity by bringing in an international referee for this competition which is open to all breeders of Holstein cattle in the Czech Republic. “This year the significant Netherlands breeder and international referee Mr Nico Bons accepted our invitation. We are expecting about 20 breeders to participate and the competition will be organised in these categories: heifers, first-calf heifers, cows on second lactation and cows on 3rd and higher lactation,” stated the secretary of SCHHS ČR Ing. Aleš Bychl adding that to make things more colourful outside the competition also calves and cows with a lifetime milk production over 100 000 kg will be shown.

Datum: 13 Apr 2017 10:30:00

Concurently with

National show of livestock
12.-15.5. 2019

National Gamekeeping Show
12.-15.5. 2019

14.-15.5. 2019

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