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21.-23.8. 2011

Internationale Modemesse

Pierre Larett Woman - new collection on the Czech market


Pierre Larett Woman by DARA is a new collection on the Czech market. DARA Company offers in her trademark Pierre Larett: costumes, dresses, suits for women, jackets, trousers, skirts and classical blouses. In the collection you can find dresses for coctails or evenings. There is a special collection for business uniforms for ladies. The best quality of materials, good construction, high quality of product, modern colours. DARA works with many companies in the Europe. You can find our recomendation on the website: www.dara.com.pl

Visit us Pawilon V, stand 083.


STYL-KABO 2011/08

Highlights aus Unternehmen


Highlights aus Unternehmen


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