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21.-23.8. 2011

Internationale Modemesse


From the first moment of the publication of our brand, the entity has seen great success, its style charming  girls and young women . The models of JUST-R are defined by their own style, pleasant, and bring to young women that  feel of being a teenager.

The most important aspect of our collection, our jeans, which represent 30% of our collection, feature the embroidered original Swarowski crystal, elegant products made from leather, accessories for many occasions and wonderful examples of dresses, body and knitwear.

The beauty of our materials, the ever-present radiating tones and the exclusivity of the designers Giuseppe RANIERI and Mena ALTERIO hypnotise from the first glance. This is high fashion, which sets no boundaries.
Not without reason, in the three  years of its existence, JUST-R has won over Greece, Spain, Holland and Russia amongst others. JUST-R brand can be found in Hall V, stand No.119. For more information on www.justr.it .


STYL-KABO 2011/08

Highlights aus Unternehmen


Highlights aus Unternehmen


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