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Service Delivery Forum International 2016

Veletrhy Brno V areálu BVV Jednička v oboru v ČR Kongres

„QUALITY & SPEED“ – growing demand for responsiveness, agility, flexibility in IT while concurrent demand for quality, security, robustness is bigger than ever before.Structured approach to quality management and agile principles in IT as spreading across many IT departments.



[EN] Since 2012 when SDFI conference was launched first is conference concept gaining respect of not only IT community in Czech but also on international scale. SDFI is built around sharing practical experience with harnessing all kinds of best practices to improve management of IT – improved services, processes, people management, supporting IT tools. Carefully invited speakers represent different types of organizations so any conference delegate will find corresponding context similar to his or her organization. Marketing, sales and product promotions are excluded from conference agenda, practitioners speaking to practitioners is the governing principle. We invite recognized experts from abroad to internationalize experience exchange and allow also smaller companies to help them with learning from bigger, multinational companies. Our vision is building „the most respected practitioners event“.

Conference creates unique opportunity for networking with conference speakers, delegates, professional colleagues, top management in different organization. Conference philosophy support participation of not just IT professionals but also top management who is open to gain insight of modern IT management and increase understanding how better IT supports achievements of business or organization goals.

Conference will target utilization of best practices, frameworks, methods, such as ITIL®, COBIT®, ISO/IEC 20000, SFIA, e-CF, Six SigmaTM and any other widely accepted ways of managing delivery of IT services. Segments like private business, public sector, government, universities are included in conference scope to support cooperation and experience exchange between IT leaders working in these IT departments.


Holiday Inn, Křížkovského 20, 603 00, Brno, www.hibrno.cz
Datum und Zeit: 25.5.2016, von 9 bis 17 Uhr
„QUALITY & SPEED“ – growing demand for responsiveness, agility, flexibility in IT while concurrent demand for quality, security, robustness is bigger than ever before.
Teilnahmegebühr: 8500 CZK (~ 350 ) CZK ohne MWSt.

Mitglieder des Vorstands mit Verantwortung für IT, CFO, CIO, IT Managers, Service Delivery Manager, Service Level Manager, IT Operation Manager u.ä.

Unterlagen: Präsentationen werden weder in elektronischer Form aufgenommen und gespeichert noch werden sie in einer Papierform verfügbar
Program director:
Zdeněk Kvapil, +420 602 203 156, zdenek.kvapil@Q4IT.eu
Event managerin:
Petra Partyšová, +420 541 159 597, ppartysova@bvv.cz


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