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IT Service Delivery Forum International 2017

Veletrhy Brno V areálu BVV Jednička v oboru v ČR Kongres




[EN] IT is delivering services – this is fundamental paradigm shift for many organizations. While most of IT departments are continually improving internal processes, enhance service culture, improve customer experience and actively managed customer expectations, there are still many teams who remained in technology focus era. itSDFI conference is great platform for sharing best practices and motivate those who are willing to get on higher quality level adequate to service dominating 21st century.

Conference itSDFI was launched in 2012 as platform for experience sharing with all kinds of best practices. Over years it developed to internationally recognised and respected event for sharing real world experience with modern service delivery models, encourage new ways of working in IT and new look at IT as not only cost efficiency tool but the enabler of new business models.

New services based on innovative IT solutions are transforming the way how we live, how we spend our time, how we do the business. Traditional models are disrupted and changed. This inevitable change depends on people, their ability to vision, design and deliver new types of service.


Holiday Inn, Křížkovského 20, 603 00, Brno, www.hibrno.cz
Datum und Zeit: 17.5.2017 Conference + Start-ups & Innovations podium + Business Lounge
18.5.2017 Conference speakers roundtable + conference workshops
Anmeldung: www.itsdfi.com/registration

Mitglieder des Vorstands mit Verantwortung für IT, CFO, CIO, IT Managers, Service Delivery Manager, Service Level Manager, IT Operation Manager u.ä.

Unterlagen: Präsentationen werden weder in elektronischer Form aufgenommen und gespeichert noch werden sie in einer Papierform verfügbar
Program director:
Zdeněk Kvapil, +420 602 203 156, zdenek.kvapil@Q4IT.eu
Event managerin:
Petra Partyšová, +420 541 159 597, petra.partysova@Q4IT.eu


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