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jaro 2021

Internationale Nahrungsmittelmesse

A solar tap for the 22nd century!


Slovak company Cool Art Technology presents a modern bar equipment at SALIMA – a solar tap. It is a unique device that was designed to be capable of operating without connection to the mains. You can cool drinks anywhere on the planet, even in the desert, in the middle of a football stadium or at a summer festival.

The solar bar can not only cool draft drinks, but thanks to its built-in screens on the front and on the side can also broadcast advertising, a film or even a live event, such as a football match from which you just had to dash off for a cool drink right to this beer tap.

Cool Art Technology company have a worldwide patent on the solar tap technology and it has its world premiere right here at SALIMA in Brno. The unique solar tap can be seen and touched at stand no. 061 in Hall A2 by the entrance to the beer zone at the MICROBREWERY FAIR.

Datum: 17.02.2016 15:30:00

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