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At SALIMA they will be cooking black potatoes and marinated carp


This year’s SALIMA International Food Fair starting 27 February will be enjoyed by all food lovers and present countless outstanding food products – from delectable coffees and fragrant cheeses to crunchy bread and pastry products. Whoever wants to tickle their taste buds would do well to visit the gastronomy show Gastrofest. Top chefs will be cooking in front of audiences and you’ll straight away get to taste the finished results.

Everyday different meals will be cooked, focused on a particular ingredient. Appearing on one’s plate might be a flank beef steak with celery purée and black potatoes, perhaps summer fettucine with calamari, or maybe marinated carp with a horseradish and dill sauce. For those devoted to Middle Eastern cuisine, chefs will be rustling up baked salmon with humus and a tabbouleh salad.

Alternating on stage will be a string of highly experienced master chefs. “I’m overjoyed that over the four days of the fair we’ll be joined by one of the country’s absolute finest chefs, Miroslav Dušek. He spent part of his professional career in the US, even cooking for several American presidents,” says head of the Gastrofest, Vladimír Tůma, extending his invitation to all fair-goers.

Other stars of the kitchen welcomed onto the SALIMA stage will include Radek Příhonský and Tomáš Böhm, the latter having cooked for guests at the majority of Czech embassies around the world. “Without exaggeration, I regard him as one of the country’s absolutely finest chefs. There is undoubtedly plenty to be looking forward to,” adds Tůma.

Thanks to its many years of tradition and the support provided by many specialist partners, the international food fairs truly rank among the most important in their sector. Not only within the Czech Republic, but even Europe-wide. They regularly address professionals within the industry, but this year they’re also reaching out and communicating much more with the wider public. Visitors can sample and buy many Czech and foreign specialties. They are also warmly invited to the Festival of Tastes, where they will be introduced to 50 Czech and Moravian Microbreweries.


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