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24.-27.5. 2023

Internationale Fachmesse für Brandschutztechnik



  • Fire fighting trucks
  • Sound and light warning devices for vehicles; special lamps
  • Turntable ladders, lifting platforms
  • Fire-escape trailers with accessories
  • Containers for use in fire protection and during environmental incidents
  • Portable aggregates and equipment for fire extinguishing
  • Portable, mobile and trailer fire fighting equipment
  • Extricating, lifting and rescue equipment
  • Means for work at heights and over open depths
  • Isolation respirators
  • Self-rescue respirators
  • Pressure bottle filling plants
  • Protection clothes resistant to chemical agents, irradiation and radiation heat
  • Gas and liquid analyzers
  • Cleaning and decontaminating tools and equipment
  • Medical equipment for urgent care and patient transport
  • Fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents
  • Intervention equipment in the area of fire protection
  • Outfit components in the area of fire protection
  • Communication technology and systems
  • Electric fire alarm and components thereof
  • Stable and semistable extinguishing devices, water curtains and components thereof
  • Fire extinguishing water supply equipment
  • Fire doors, windows, valves, closures and stoppers
  • Heat and smoke discharging equipment
  • Means improving fire resistance of structures and means reducing combustibility of materials
  • Means for prevention and liquidation of environmental incidents
  • Escape and evacuation systems, fire marks
  • Fire service computer software
  • Technical literature
  • Servicing and repairs of fire extinguishers and standpipes
  • Complete supplies and services in fire protection and for liquidation of ecological damage
  • Fire equipment and services – other

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