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10.-13.10. 2023

Internationale Maschinenbaumesse

RTC Couplings GmbH


Since its founding in 2013, RTC Couplings has become one of the world’s leading coupling manufacturers. Our strength is our ability to develop new technologies and then integrate them into our products to give our customers real competitive advantage.

Our success and knowledge are based on many years of experience, our responsible employees and their commitment to the company. We employ more than 250 people in over 10 nations today.

In addition to a complete portfolio of quick-couplings, RTC designs and manufactures many other components and systems for use in a variety of applications, including hoses, manifolds and flow controllers, and media monitoring hardware.

Our latest innovation is the Huracan Flow Control system, which is completely designed, engineered and build in Germany. The flow rates in each individual cooling circuit have a major influence on the temperature control. Huracan Flow Control helps you to measure this in each cooling circuit and is not only giving alarm signals, but also processes all data from the measurements. Huracan Flow Control is characterized by its contactless measuring principle and its intuitive control, which is based on the latest industry standards, ready for Industry 4.0.


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