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10.-13.10. 2023

Internationale Maschinenbaumesse

Faccin Group: Meet the Metal Forming Experts at MSV

Faccin Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal forming machines, and thanks to its three leading brands – FACCIN, BOLDRINI and ROUNDO – offers a wide selection of plate and angle rolls, dished head lines and integrated solutions to meet the unique needs of a variety of industries and customers around the world.

Innovative products and services, backed by the group’s global dealer network, provide exceptional value that helps customers succeed.

Hall B – Stand 016

Our wide selection of high-quality solutions include:

Plate Rolls

 2-roll, 3-roll and 4-roll plate bending machines from thin to heavier sheet metal bending with thicknesses of less than 1mm to over 300mm with useful working lengths exceeding 18 meters.

Angle Rolls

 3 or 4-roll profile bending machines are available. Ideal to bend steel bars, tubes, pipes, and profiles with bending capacities of up to 18000cm3. 

Dished Head Lines

 Automatic dishing presses with manipulators and flanging machines with capacities from 2mm to over 80mm in heads thickness in cold forming and up to 100mm in hot forming and a diameter of up to 12000mm.

Integrated Solutions

Onshore and offshore wind tower plate rolling systems, sturdy bending rolls for foundation manufacturing (tripods, jackets, monopiles and TP), ships frame roll presses, large bending rolls for shipbuilding and aerospace industry and special machines.

Additionally, to increase production capacity the group provides strong, fast, and easy to use:

  • Siemens computer numerical controls (CNC)
  • Innovative accessories
  • Energy-efficient solutions

Contact us to arrange a meeting at:


Datum: 07.09.2022 07:28:00

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