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29.-31.5. 2019

Internationale Fachmesse für Abwehr- und Sicherheitstechnik

License instructions

To exhibitors at IDET 2019 from states outside the EU

Dear Exhibitors,

In order to ensure a trouble-free preparation and presentation of your exhibits of military nature at IDET 2019, it is essential:

  • to send duly filled "Declaration of Military Material for the IDET 2019 Exhibition" (Form 1) together with the "List of Exhibits" (Form 2) and “Agency Agreement” to the address:
    Veletrhy Brno, a.s. - IDET
    Nikola Lekovski
    Výstaviště 1
    647 00 Brno
    Czech Republic

    Please send also copies of the Forms 1, 2 and Agency agreement to Trade Fairs Brno as soon as possible by e-mail at nlekovski@bvv.cz. These forms you can also download from http://www.idet.eu, section info for exhibitors – license instructions)

In order to simplify the customs clearance procedures related to the import of your exhibits of military nature across the EU border to IDET 2019 (conditioned by the payment of the customs guarantee), it is recommended:

  • to use KARNET ATA for the transport of exhibits of military nature.
  • It is also recommended to use the services of the forwarding companies Kűhne & Nagel, or DB Schenker, who are Trade Fairs Brno's contractors.
Kűhne & Nagel
Výstaviště 1
647 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 543 565 510, +420 724 304 333
E-mail: exposervice.brno@kuehne-nagel.com
DB Schenker
Výstaviště 1
Mr. Jan Láznička
Mobile phone: +420 724 131 457
Tel.: +420 544 520 837
E-mail: jan.laznicka@schenker.cz

The compliance with these conditions guarantees that your exhibits of military nature will be delivered to Brno, directly to the Exhibition Centre, without the necessity to pay a customs guarantee and they will be cleared at the customs office in the Czech Republic.

The import, exhibition and export of Type R Exhibits (see explanation at Form 2) are subject to license, to be issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

  • The issuance of licenses for those foreign exhibitors, who have no representative in the Czech Republic, will be provided for by the IDET 2017 management, on the basis of the data contained in the submitted "List of Exhibits" (Form 2).
    For license preparation it is necessary at minimum sixty days.
    All forms for the license request must be sent no later than to the March the 20, 2019.
  • Foreign companies who have representatives in the Czech Republic may apply for the license directly at the following address:
    OMNIPOL a.s.
    Nekázanka 11,
    112 21 Praha 1
    Tel.: +420 224 012 422, Fax.: +420 224 012 413

Please, send us about this activity short information by e-mail at nlekovski@bvv.cz as soon as possible, too. Any weapons and ammunition enlisted as exhibits in IDET 2015 must be adapted in the way described in the "Declaration of Military Material IDET 2019 Exhibition" (Form 1).

Thank you for completing all submitted documents. We believe that the meeting of all requirements will ensure a trouble-free transport and display of your exhibits at IDET 2019.

Mr. Michalis Busios
IDET 2019 Director

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