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7.-9.2. 2023

Internationale Messe für Druck und Verpackung

Produktkategorien (EN)


Raw materials and semi-products for the production of packaging materials
Machines and tools for finishing, processing and for the manufacture of packages and packaging means
Packaging materials, packaging means and packages
Packaging machines and equipment
Labels – materials and technologies
Accessories, measurement, control and testing instruments and systems
Environmental protection, waste and packaging waste
Services, financing, consultancy
Printing machines and print processing machines
Technologies for finishing work with printed matter
Reprographic technologies
Pre-press technologies
Information technologies in printing industry
Office technologies
Materials for printing and reprography
Polygraphic services
Polygraphic products
In-store pop
Outdoor advertising
Digital signage
Advertising on packages
Advertising services
Branch associations and organisations
Specialised literature and publishing
Vocational education and training


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