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20.-23.4. 2020

Internationale Messe für Druck und Verpackung

A special packaging line is testing Breadway frozen bakery packaging at EMBAX PRINT


Today at noon, a packaging line was switched on for the first time, specially created for the PACKAGING LIVE project 2016. The entire packaging process has been tested in Hall pavilion G1; the aim was to simulate the actual operation on packaging pre-frozen products. "It is the first time in our project, when we combine a packaged product with what we present on the spot," says Michaela Zachová from the EQUICom agency, who has been preparing the packaging line for several months with other partners and now also expertly commented on the entire operation.

And what did the bespoke bread packaging production look like in practice? The twisted bread - focaccia by Breadway in manual production quality, where each piece had its original shape and size, was firstly provided with a transparent food film with original printing on the line, then marked with a production date and manually stored in a paper packaging, which the robot then put into large boxes. They were subsequently sealed by the machine, provided with a fixing adhesive, designated and mounted on a pallet by another robot. A semi-automatic machine took care of fixating the palette that has been marked and labelled. The production line also included hydraulic scissor and lever lifts for storing products, as well as a digital printer for printing onto cartons, a device combining gluing and printing or a demo robot. Finally, a Stickpack was introduced and made branded sugar packs with logos of partners of the project cafeteria. Visitors to the fair will be able to see the line running thanks to the presentations, which will take place in Hall G1 four times a day.

"The project involved 10 key companies. New partners include IMPERIAL FOOD SERVICE s.r.o. - BREADWAY, ZDVIH servis s.r.o., FANUC Czech s.r.o. and Pap4ever digital s.r.o.; permanent partners include EKOBAL, spol. s r.o., Viking Mašek, a.s., TECHNOLOGY s.r.o., ONDRÁŠEK INK – JET SYSTEM spol. s.r.o. and Fipack, s. r.o. Thin film supplier OTK Group, a.s. have returned, cartons are delivered by THIMM Obaly, Michaela Zachová lists the partner firms, who were answering journalists' questions along with the Breadway brand manager Monika Pružinská Hýblová at today's press conference. She introduced not only bread, whose only preservatives include maternal yeast and frost and which a customer buying them in the shop chains may bake ready at home, but also the concept of franchising Breadway cafés, where the company sells bread and other products from Italian family farms.

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20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

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