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20.-23.4. 2020

Internationale Messe für Druck und Verpackung

Specialized EMBAXPRINT trade fair finished with a good report card for the future


The 29th International Fair of Packaging and Printing EMBAXPRINT is over and according to the reactions of exhibitors and trade visitors it is well poised to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary which is ahead of us in 2018.

This year's EMBAXPRINT fair reflected the changing market and the advent of digital technology. Exhibitors from the packaging industry including industry leaders prevailed, but more than a half of the participants were companies who presented themselves for the first time. There was very strong participation from abroad and Hall G1 was eventually sold out to the last place. The fair also showed the latest trends and once again the Packaging Live project was an important part of it, presenting a model packaging line equipped with the latest technologies in live operation.

The presentation of the company pap4ever who exhibited at this year's EMBAXPRINT trade fair in Brno for the first time, led to utter satisfaction, having transformed their exhibition debut into a Golden Salima! They acquired it for a product of their Italian partner, T-Trade, presenting this hot news in the Czech Republic. It is GT ONE thermal printer using linerless labels.


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