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Löw-Beer Villa in Brno

[EN] The Villa in Art Nouveau style recently underwent complete restoration together with Celnice (also called Customs house) and also garden has been regenerated. Celnice provides spaces for temporary exhibitions and nice café. The new museum exhibition The World of the Brno Bourgeoisie around the Löw-Beers and Tugendhats was installed in the villa. The area of the villa throughout the year hosts numerous cultural events. The villa and garden can also be rented for commercial purposes.

Photo: The street facade of the Löw-Beer Villa and staircase hall (Rako)

Löw-Beer Villa, Drobného 22, Brno , tel.: 544 245 010
vila@vila.muzeumbrnenska.cz , www.vilalowbeer.cz

Villa Low-Beer Villa Low-Beer

The Brno International Music Festival

[EN] The Brno International Music Festival was started in 1966, at a time when Brno artistic institutions were coming out of heavy isolation and regaining their international bearings: Brno and its music were again open to the outside world. It was originally a several-day-long late summer/early autumn series of symphonic and chamber concerts, solo recitals and opera performances. Over the years it has grown to three weeks long, with at least one event every day.

The original main festival is now the MORAVIAN AUTUMN, and has produced other "spinoff" festivals. Each year since 1992, in the two weeks leading up to the Easter holiday, the EASTER FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC is held, consisting of six concert evenings, usually of a cantata or oratorio nature, are held in the churches of Brno.

A third branch of the festival is the EXPOSITION OF NEW MUSIC, which attempts to present contemporary non-traditional, often experimental works. Each year its five evening concerts share a specific theme that links the widely varying performances of the interpreters, who are often among the international leaders in their fields.

Organizer of the festival is Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.

More informations and program of the festival you can find on the website: www.mhf-brno.cz,www.filharmonie-brno.cz and Facebook.

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