Trade fairs right in your phone

Getting around the exhibition grounds was never easier! Download the BVV Trade Fairs app, and in a few clicks, you will get detailed information about everything that’s happening in the area.

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All you need to know just a few clicks away

The mobile app BVV Trade Fairs will become your guide as you explore the Brno Exhibition Centre. You will get not only a thorough rundown of the main events happening on the exhibition grounds, but also a wealth of useful information about what’s happening in the time between the individual trade fairs.

What will you find in the application?

  • Summary of coming events.
  • Opening hours, tickets and parking prices.
  • Supporting programme.
  • Maps of events.
  • Lists of exhibitors.
  • A chance of setting up a meeting with an exhibitor.
Download the application

Find out what’s happening

Interested in an engineering fair? Or would you prefer going to a minerals exhibition? The trade fair is always bustling with life! Find out what’s coming in the near future.

Get crucial information

What are the opening hours? How much will you pay for the tickets? Where will you park and how much is it going to cost you? You will get answers to all of these questions in the app!

Don’t miss the lectures

Go through the complete supporting programme and save the events that you’re interested in into your own overview.

Check the map

Thanks to this app, you will never get lost on the exhibition grounds again. You can locate your desired destination on the map and let the app navigate you to it.

Find an exhibitor

Explore the complete list of exhibitors and let the app navigate you right to their stands.

Set up a meeting

Reach out to the exhibitors. Make use of the matchmaking and use the app to set up a meeting with a potential business partner.