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Silva Regina
31.3. - 4.4. 2012

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Preliminary Final Report - Techagro, Animal Vetex, Silva Regina and Biomass 2012


A record-breaking fair with record- breaking attendance  

The combo of agricultural and forestry trade fairs continues the growth trend and this year’s edition has become a record-breaking year in every way, as the largest event organized at the Brno Exhibition Centre in 2012. During the first four days, 98 000 exhibition visitors passed through the gates, the total visitor number will have thus exceeded last year’s attendance by several thousand (105,371 visitors) and go beyond 110 000 people. Attendance was highest on Sunday, when almost 28 thousand people went through the premises, which completely filled its capacity. After a very successful Motosalon, this is the second fair in Brno this spring which is experiencing an extraordinary rush of visitors.

This agricultural, forestry and farming show in Brno is among the five largest of its kind in Europe, and is the clear number 1 in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. This year’s edition was the largest ever held, on an exhibition area of ​​more than 72,000 square metres which filled the whole exhibition grounds. Exhibitions occupied 13 exhibition halls and all available exhibition space. A record-breaking 755 exhibitors from 20 countries including China and Korea attended TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA BIOMASS.

Responses make it clear that exhibitors were very satisfied with the interest in their exhibits and concluded contracts. In addition to Czech farmers and foresters they also met with foreign customers who came to Brno from 40 countries and there were more than four thousand registered professionals among them. There was also an extraordinary attendance - more than 300 busses dispatched not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad. Twenty busses came from Slovakia, eight from Austria, three from Poland and two from Hungary, other expert delegations arrived from Croatia, Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine.

Professionals appreciated the extraordinary scope of offers. None of the market leaders or major retailers were missing among the exhibitors, presenting a great number of innovations. The competition for the best exhibits involved a record one hundred products, thirteen of them won the Grand Prix and three other were awarded special recognition by the jury.

The agricultural market is dominated by moderate optimism

The TECHAGRO Fair is a traditional barometer of market moods and foresees the trend in sales of agricultural equipment for the entire season. This year's fair sent a favourable report to vendors and confirmed relatively optimistic expectations.

Business results were consistent with the conclusions of the CLIMMAR FORUM conference, which took place at the Brno Exhibition Centre. A regular meeting of the representatives of the European Association of Agricultural Technology Sales and Service Companies CLIMMAR included eighteen representatives from eleven countries of the European Union, who exchanged information on the development of agricultural technology and market trends in sales of various types of machines. On this occasion they visited the concurrent TECHAGRO which they evaluated very positively. "They praised the level of the trade fair, the Brno exhibition centre infrastructure and the of presented machinery without exception. Many of them have not been in Brno for the first time and those who were novices to the exhibition did not hide their enthusiasm for the fair. They will definitely come back again, brining new exhibitors or at least new visitors," said the director of the Association of Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Dušan Benža.

Supporting programme addressed current issues in agriculture

The Agrarian Chamber of the CR organized a "Meeting of farmers with politicians", which discussed the possibilities of supporting agriculture and rural development. The meeting was attended by representatives of seven political parties - ODS, TOP 09, VV, Social Democrats, Communists, Christian Democrats and the National Socialists, who support domestic production and increase self-sufficiency, particularly in livestock production, while the next priority will be to negotiate the most favourable grant conditions for the EU budget period 2014 - 2020.

The Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic set up an international conference on "Social Dialogue" devoted to the issue of higher level collective agreements and wage levels in agriculture. It looked at changes in the Labour Code and their impact in agriculture, worsening farmers’ income of and the consequent difficulties in attracting young and skilled workers. Social dialogue abroad was presented by partner representatives of the Association of Slovak Agricultural Cooperatives and commercial companies and by GEOPA, an international agricultural workers’ organization.

The ANIMAL VETEX fair also included a two-day 5th Central-European Veterinary Congress, focused at the current issue of antibiotic policy. The congress was attended by one hundred veterinary experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as other distinguished guests from abroad, for example Declan O'Brien, one of the IFAH directors (International Federation of Animal Health). The meeting highlighted the biggest problems in the discussed area and determined a future strategy of treatment with antibiotics, which is critical not only for regulatory authorities, the Ministry of Agriculture, State Veterinary Administration, the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Pharmaceuticals, but mainly for practical veterinarians from the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Impacts of restitution of [land property] to churches on supplier-customer relationships in forestry, regional development and timber processing were the focus of a workshop entitled "Returning the Property to Churches," which was held at the SILVA REGINA fair by the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno together with the Czech Technology Platform of forestry and related industries. The representatives of current and future forest owners as well as professional organizations agreed that a greater diversification of owners will be positive for the Czech market, partly because it will reduce the unhealthy dominance of Forests of the CR and will bring more opportunities for regional processors.

The new BIOMASS fair included an extensive four-day programme of lectures and conferences focused on the use and processing of agricultural and forestry biomass. Those interested in the issue could be inspired by experienced Czech specialists, but by also specific examples from abroad, presented at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Following the commitment to increase renewable energy sources, the latest developments in the field of state aid were discussed, together with possibilities of increasing efficiency and trends in technology. Great attention of the audience was focused on demonstrations of crushing and chipping, where each of the nine participating firms’ technology was used.

An attractive programme for the public

The fairs reached not only the professionals, but also the general public, who were enticed by an entertaining accompanying programme prepared by partner organizations and exhibitors. The John Deere Farm witnessed great interest, audience members could ride a horse cart and watch a show with horses of various breeds. An equally attractive spectacle was offered at an animal show with commented presentations of cattle, sheep and goats.

Visitors to the SILVA REGINA Fair could try out a laser shooting range, students of forestry secondary schools competed in axe throwing. We succeeded in bringing together a range of unique hunting and forestry pieces from museums and private collections, among other things, a set of five hundred forestry and hunting uniforms, which will apply for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. The show was prepared by the SILVAJAGD Entrepreneurs Association who built a the Schwarzenberg House in Hall Z with many unique exhibits and hunting trophies from a rich family history.

The whole ground floor of Hall E was occupied by a Great Beekeeping Exhibition with a record participation of beekeepers. In addition to a variety of bee products with an Easter theme it also offered a cycle of beekeeping lectures.

Quotes about the fairs

Jan Veleba, president, Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic:
I rate this year's TECHAGRO fair as extremely successful, both in terms of high participation of exhibitors and in terms of concluded business and pre-negotiated contracts. Extraordinary interest came also from agriculture sector, which, unfortunately, sharply contrasts with the absence and lack of interest by expressed our politicians, which is a very bad testimonial for them. But on the whole I think the fair turned out very well in all aspects including its   organization.

Martin Pýcha, chairman, Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic:
TECHAGRO is an event with high professional credentials and is one of the most important agricultural events not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Central Europe. This year is a record year and I would much like to see the success of this exhibition also transferred to Czech agriculture. Any such event attended by the public helps Czech agriculture as a progressively evolving field. It shows agriculture as a field that uses the latest technology and is promising for young people, which is very important now. On behalf of the Agricultural Association I want to thank the organizers for a good job.

prince Jan Schwarzenberg:
It is a pleasure for me that I can attend the SILVA REGINA exhibition opening and especially the Schwarzenberg House display. I am surprised at how beautifully has everything been prepared, not only our exhibits, but everything around it is very interesting and I really like it. I have been here two years ago to see the farming machinery, because it is somewhat our duty, but the forestry fair is dear to my heart.

Petr Horáček, dean, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno:
The SILVA REGINA Fair exceeded our expectations. From my perspective, the uniforms exhibition worked wonderfully as did the whole presentation of forestry and hunting as a traditional and economically, socially and culturally significant area, including the sweet tones of hunting instruments. I have a very good feeling from the supporting programme, including seminars, which attracted great interest of the professional community. I am extremely satisfied with the whole event.

Jens  Eikaas, ambassador, Kingdom of Norway:
I came to support our exhibitors, we have a significant manufacturer of agricultural equipment here, but I am interested in the agricultural sector as a whole, which I consider as important in the Czech Republic as in Norway. I also noticed that part of the fair is devoted to biomass and the environment, a topic that our government pays attention to. I am very interested in what is to see at the fair from this area.

Anatoly Bulynja, Ministry of Agriculture, Belarus:
The main objective of our visit is the development of normal, partner relations between Belarus and the Czech Republic in the field of agriculture. We also put great emphasis on the education of young people, that is why we have with us the rector of the Belarus State Academy of Agriculture and two other representatives from the field of agricultural education.

Andrejs Savdons, director, Elagro, Latvia:
Thirty-three farms representatives from various areas of the country arrived from Latvia. We liked the fair, we had well-organized meetings with specific companies. We were for example very nicely received at Agromeda, but also at other stands. We were interested in visiting the farmers. It is beneficial for us to talk to people who work in the same field and have something to say.

Vladimíra Drápalová, business manager, ZETOR TRACTORS:
As in the past two TECHAGRO editions, this year we have also noticed great interest in our brand and I can say that our stand concentrated a large number of highly qualified visitors. We were also visited by the Minister of Agriculture Petr Bendl, who christened the new Forterra HSX with milk. Trade negotiations will continue, I am satisfied in terms of statistics.

Adéla Kubíčková, marketing manager, STROM Praha:
Two different groups of visitors came to our stand. The first weekday group consisted of farmers and customers who were interested in our machines, and during the weekend, it was mainly the general public, families with children and private owners who could not afford a visit during the week. Of course, we showed some innovations at the fair, our big attraction featured a new line of press machines such as the 900 and John Deere tractors are also traditionally an attraction.

Vlastimil Vozník, director, BV technika:
I think all farmers have been looking forward to TECHAGRO. Personally, I would welcome not two, but only one weekend day and more working days, because most of our customers came on Monday and Tuesday, when we lacked enough time to talk with all of them in detail. We are satisfied on the whole, there are already some businesses with whom we made a handshake agreement and I trust that after the fair we will visit with our customers and follow everything through.

Jiří Kuník, chief executive, SCHAUMAN ČR:
We are very happy with this year’s exhibition. There were plenty of visitors, especially on Monday and Tuesday there were a lot of people at our stand and throughout the exhibition grounds. We managed to make contacts with new customers, because apart from the exhibition we are doing a marketing campaign for our piglet fodder. I think that our participation has met all our expectations we have from this purely agricultural show as its regular participants.

Ctibor Zourek, head of business information department, MIKROP:
Our company is located in the vicinity, in Čebín, and our activities are nationwide, so maybe it also caused the effect of having a lot of customers at our stand. The participation of visitors was high, whether professional agricultural public, businesses and schools we were under siege at the stand throughout the fair. The benefit is definitely great for us. It seems that last year was successful for agricultural specialists in general, we did not tackle any major problems as in the previous years, but the theme of this year's fair was more about consolidation and a positive outlook and trends in agriculture.

Jana Šmejkalová, sales manager, BRIKLIS:
It is always good and useful to show what one can do. That is why we are here to present the machines and explain to customers how easy they are to use. We are of course exhibiting at the fair so that we can find new customers and enter new markets. At the same time we see this presentation as an opportunity to publicise briquetting, because many people still do not know the technology and wonder, what can be pressed. Many people also ask about the economy of operation and we think that even if they do not buy presses here at the exhibition, they will store it in their memory, knowing they can save costs and help the environment through waste management.

Petr Bartoň, head of domestic ammunition sales, Sellier & Bellot
Our company is satisfied. We have been coming here for several years and it seems to us that the trend of the exhibition is always improving and it suits us. More and more people from our target group come here, they turn to us with specific questions and we are pleased that we can help and advise. Our participation is definitely beneficial to us.

Preliminary statistics

According to a preliminary visitors survey carried out by the independent company IPSOS TAMBOR who provide comprehensive services in market research, 66% of visitors came to see the TECHAGRO fair. Another 17% aimed primarily at ANIMAL VETEX, 11.5% came to SILVA REGINA fair and the new BIOMASS fair was the main aim for 5% of visitors.
Exactly one quarter of visitors came to the fair for the first time. The decisive reason for their visit was to obtain a general overview of the field (74% of respondents), 20% of visitors arrived to get information about a particular product or to buy or order products.
94% of respondents were satisfied with their visit to the fair, while 69% were definitely satisfied. Visitor satisfaction was mainly related to specific exhibited products, the number of new business contacts and the organization of the event.


The press centre accredited 280 media representatives from twelve countries in the first four days. Record interest came from foreign journalists, there were 78 of them (18 journalists arrived from Poland, 16 from Slovakia, 11 from Hungary, 9 from Austria, 9 from the UK, 6 from the Netherlands, 3 from Belgium and Italy and one each from Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden).

The next edition of TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASA fairs will take place in spring 2014.

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8.-12.4. 2018

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