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22.-24.5. 2013

International Fair for Fire Fighting Equipment, Security Technology and Services

Sintex, a.s.


Czech textile company from Česká Třebová with over 20 years experience manufacturing knitted fabrics, special fabrics and ready-made clothing.

Functional and thermoregulation underwear

Physiological antibacterial underwear, polo shirts, sweatshirts and socks with quick dry properties, divorce sweat to the surface and into the outer layers, fast drying, maintaining body temperature, prevents microbial growth and the formation of odors. All in normal and extreme conditions. These features provides special profiled branded fibers when Sintex is a certified partner for processing.

Permanently fireproof products

Knitted and woven fabrics - fireproof underwear, fireproof and antistatic work uniforms PSII, fireproof overalls for police. As a complement balaclavas and socks. All certified and compliant with the relevant standards.


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