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12.-14.5. 2011

International Fair for Fire Fighting Equipment, Security Technology and Services

AČR Rescue Centre presents a rescue helicopter


Helicopter PV 13 Sokol (Falcon) dominates in the exhibition of the Army of the Czech Republic medical services in Hall Z. This medical facility deals with rescue services in the army but is also used for civilians.

"We are responsible for Plzeň and Karlovy Vary, which is very difficult because on top of that we work extra hours at night for the whole of Czech Republic. In addition, we participate in medical transports from Afghanistan, Iraq etc., of course, only in those cases involving an injury to the missions of our troops," said Lieutenant Colonel. Michal Mareček, Chief of the ACR Air Rescue Centre. He explained that it was for these purposes where SOKOL PV 13 helicopter with medical treatment was used, classified into the Czech Integrated Rescue System. "We belong to one of the ten health service stations in the country. The military has a centre with full staff - doctors, nurses, pilots and technicians,“ explained the colonel.

This helicopter of Polish production belongs to the middle class and is very suitable for rescue service. It has very good facilities in terms of aviation (instruments, navigation and other modern equipment), is a top-notch machine with an operating speed of around 240 km per hour. It hosts therefore state of the art medical equipment.

"The health services exhibition stand also presents a special PTU module. It is a device that is fitted in transport aircraft, in Airbus and the 319. We are able to equip the rear half of the aircraft as a field hospital with six beds within a short time. We can also transport six seriously injured people any distance. This medical facility is basically identical with the equipment of an intensive care unit in a hospital. This includes vital signs monitoring, defibrillator, fans, pumps, etc." said Dr. Mareček.

The aim of the Air Rescue Centre at the fair was to show what devices belong to the modern categories such as top-notch chemists’ technologically advanced equipment, health services, field hospitals, etc., which are available to a top-level army. Our emergency services saw IDET as an opportunity to acquire people's awareness. The fact that we belong to the overall healthcare system, even if we wear uniforms. Visitors had the opportunity to get to know our work closer, including long-distance transports, which may not concern only military missions, but also people in need, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Recently we had such event in Egypt.

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