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25.-28.2. 2014

International Trade Fair for Printing Technologies, Signmaking and Signage



Cup in combination of paper – plastics

Plastic inlet cup is wrapped in printed carton outer cup. This product has the excellent barrier characteristics and the paper envelope allows to be printed with the offset printing of high quality. Maximal possible printing surface and the possibility for bottom print as also the printing of inner paper envelope increases the usefulness of this packing. The paper and plastic parts of this product may be simply separated what allows the separated disposal of packing. Important is also the influence on ecology – the consumption of plastic material is in this case of about 30 – 40% smaller.

Disposable plates, salvers and dishes
Made of wetted pulp

We are speaking about the future technology, so called wasteless production. The production process does not burden the environment. The dosed milling of pulp in a defibrator with presence of water gives to develop a paper like material. This suspension is taken in the forming station on mold screen. After water suction, we receive the paper like sheet and by drying of them it originates the finished product. These products are 100% fully degradable because these are made only of natural and fully in nature decomposable materials. This packing is designed for storing of warm foods at maximum 100°C during 30 min. It is also suitable for Short time (30 sec.) heating up of meals in microwave. More informations at www.pap.cz

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