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3.-7.10. 2016

International Engineering Fair

Product Categories


  • Mining, metallurgical, ceramic and glass engineering
  • Materials and components for mechanical engineering
  • Drives, hydraulics and pneumatics, cooling technology and air-conditioning
    Plastics, rubber technology and chemical industry can be found in PLASTEX nomenclature
    Metal-working and forming machines, tools can be found in IMT nomenclature
    Surface finish, thermal treatment can be found in PROFINTECH nomenclature
    Metal welding, brazing and glueing can be found in WELDING nomenclature
  • Power engineering and heavy-current electrical engineering
  • Electronics, automation and measuring technology
  • Ecological technology
  • Research, development, transfer of technologies, financial and other services
  • Offer of industrial real estates and localities, regional development
  • Transportation, handling, industrial pac king, warehousing and logistics

Concurrently with

3. - 7.10. 2016

3. - 7.10. 2016

3. - 7.10. 2016

3. - 7.10. 2016

3. - 7.10. 2016

Protective equipment
and safety at work, Hall Z

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