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9.-13.10. 2017

International Engineering Fair

BIBUS s.r.o.


Distribution company BIBUS s.r.o. has been presenting as a reliable supplier of components in mechanical engineering on the Czech market for more than 20 years. It ensures the distribution of motion systems in all branches of the industry. BIBUS has enriched its portfolio of WEG electric motors, last year. The main criteria for choosing a new product was quality and service.

Brazilian WEG is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of electric motors with more than 50 years of expertise. Their product range include generators, asynchronous, synchronous, inductive and DC motors including their accessories of frequency inverters, soft starters, switches and relays.

The basic series of WEG electric motors:

  • W22 (cast-iron motors)
  • W22X (ATEX explosive cast iron motors)
  • W22 (motors for high temperatures up to 400 °C)
  • W21 (aluminum motors)

Technical parameters of common WEG electric motors:

  • production in IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4, IE5 efficiency class
  • power input from 0.12 to 500 kW
  • voltage 220 V to 690 V
  • frequency 50 to 80 Hz
  • IP55 to IP67

Custom design of WEG electric motors:

  • independent fan (separate cooling)
  • additional brake (for vertical applications)
  • special bearings (prevention of electro-erosion)
  • temperature sensors PTC, PT100, PT1000, TFO, KTY
  • special shafts
  • gearboxes / inverters (adjustment of output power or speed)

Industries where WEG motors have expertise:

  • cooling equipment, fans, compressors
  • petrochemical industry
  • the manufacturing industry
  • single-purpose machines
  • machine tools
  • conveyors, machine lines
  • handling and palletizing
  • packing and filling machines
  • environmental technologies
  • crushers, screeners, cranes, presses
  • knitting and weaving machines
  • winding and unwinding motors


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Transport and Logistics
9.-13.10. 2017

9.-13.10. 2017


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