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29.9. - 3.10. 2014

International Engineering Fair



Location: Hall G1, No. st. 038
Producer: ARBURG GmbH + Co KG
Exhibitor: ARBURG spol. s r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

FREEFORMER - equipment for production of functional plastic parts by a new patented technology AKF / APF
Technology AKF represents a completely new process for additive manufacturing, which enables to produce - without moulds -  plastic parts directly from their 3D models (STL format) , and it from the standard commercially available plastic granulates.

Instead of conventional 3D printers which the additive manufacturing of samples create layer by layer of specially prepared materials with movable print head the device FREEFORMER produces desired parts by applying plastic droplets which generates discharge unit equipped with a special nozzle piezo-operated. This unit is in a fixed position and formed part below it moves together with the movable component carrier - table in 3 or 5 axes. The droplets are created from standard plastic granulate in a small plasticizing cylinder with the screw, similar to a standard injection moulding machine.

Using of two discharge units allows this technology to realize production of individual parts and also small volume batches from two different materials (combination of hard - soft plastics) or two colours, and the design of parts has no fundamental limit shape.


Concurrently with

Transport and Logistics
9.-13.10. 2017

9.-13.10. 2017


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