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25.-26.5. 2013

28th International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products

Minerals Brno 2013-05

Number of exhibitors in the May MINERALS BRNO exhibition is steadily increasing


Exhibitors still show high interest in attending the Minerals Brno exhibition, their number is constantly rising and in March, an additional 40 registered. 

The exhibition area of Minerals Brno at the ground floor of Hall B is already filling up. The exhibition, to be held in May, lures additional exhibitors who significantly expand their exhibition space compared to previous years. At present, in comparison with last year, much larger area is occupied. Hence, the Minerals Brno exhibition is successfully filling up less than two months before its actual beginning. At the beginning of April, over 150 exhibitors have registered, nearly 40% of them registered from abroad. In addition to exhibitors from the Czech Republic, a significant number of exhibitors signed up from Slovakia and Hungary, in addition to exhibitors from Germany, Poland, India and Romania.

Minerals Brno, to be held in May 2013, will be located in Hall B and run concurrently with the festival of fun Vystec Fest.



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