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25.-26.5. 2013

28th International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products

Minerals Brno 2013-05

Number of exhibitors at 28th edition of Minerals Brno reached one hundred


The holding of Minerals Brno in the non-traditional May dates has been appreciated by the existing exhibitors, but has also attracted new ones.

The Minerals Brno Exhibition still marks a high interest from exhibitors, whose numbers are increasing every month. During February, an additional 40 exhibitors signed in and their total number exceeded one hundred. Exhibitors are coming mainly from the Czech Republic, followed by Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, India, Indonesia and Morocco. Thanks to the high number of international exhibitors, Minerals Brno still maintains its status of an international sales exhibition.

The Minerals Brno 2013 exhibition, to be held in May 25-26, will be located in Hall B and will run concurrently with the festival of fun titled Vystec Fest.


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