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Minerals Brno 2010


Basic statistics
A total of 131 exhibitors were registered at the 25th Minerals Brno (20 – 21 November 2010). As every year most of the exhibitors were from the Czech Republic; significant was the number of exhibitors from Slovakia. Other exhibitors came from Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, India and Romania. The overall number of exhibitors from abroad was 20.
Over the time it has been staged the Minerals Brno exhibition has won a large group of long-term customers; we are pleased with the interest of new exhibitors and especially with the increasing interest of exhibitors from abroad. It is also gratifying to see that the area of the exhibition is increasing. In terms of the organisation of the exhibition we are keeping to the time-tested model in pavilion E and we intend to continue in this conception.

The turnout at the jubilee Minerals was record-high
The number of paying visitors to the exhibition was 3 920 and according to the tickets handed in for the contest they came not only from Brno and the immediate surroundings but from whole Moravia, the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands, from western, northern and eastern Bohemia and from Slovakia.
Within the framework of celebrations of the 25th jubilee exhibition we distributed complimentary tickets; 4 560 visitors used these tickets and added to the already high number of paying visitors thus increasing the overall attendance to the exhibition.
The assortment of goods of the exhibitors was particularly jewels and collection stones, products of nature, decorative objects and household articles. Technical geological literature and other mineralogy and geology needs were also on sale. Basing on the exhibitors’ feedback also commodities which had so far not been very successful in Brno sold well; for instance collection stones and newly released literature on precious stones.

Promotion and publicity in media, communication
We made use of advertisements in the regional press, outdoor advertisements and broadcasting publicity for communicating the Minerals exhibition in November. The Minerals Brno team focused their publicity activities also on the internet; apart from web pages of the exhibition www.mineralybrno.cz promotion was conducted by means of a ticker placed all the year round e.g. on the web expo.cz and pages of the Slovakian and Polish representatives of BVV. Information about the exhibition and references to the web mineralybrno.cz were placed on webs devoted to minerals. We continued to exploit the facebook social network and the number of fans increased to 112.

Professional profile of the exhibition and accompanying programme
The professional orientation of the exhibition continued within the conception created in 2009. A contribution to this were namely all accompanying activities – exhibition On the Origin and Occurrence of Amber, exhibition Precious Stones of Mongolia and visitor contest for prizes. Thanks particularly to these activities we are successful in giving publicity to Minerals Brno and making the exhibition an important event. For co-operation in the accompanying programme we wish to express our thanks to RNDr. Luděk Kráčmar and Radek Hanus who helped prepare the accompanying exhibitions and who lent exhibits from their collections for the accompanying exhibit. Visitors had the opportunity to see various varieties of amber from several continents and the diversity of stones from Mongolia.
The next run will also have an accompanying programme on a given topic.

Visitors’ contest for prizes
Thanks to attractive prices the interest of visitors in the contest for prizes increased. A total of 700 tickets were turned in; 28 winners were drawn from the correct answers. The organisers wish to thank all exhibitors who donated the prizes: Josef Lahoda from Diamonds International Corporation®, Luděk Kráčmar, Müller from the Mineart Company, Svatopluk Prchlík, Václav Novotný, Miroslav Opatrný.
Minerals Brno is drawing near to international mineralogy events and will be held on an annual basis
We decided for an annual periodicity on the grounds of a keener interest of exhibitors and visitors in the November date. According to the reactions of exhibitors and visitors the November date suits them better for the following reasons: short time interval between November – March and higher motivation of visitors to buy in the pre-Christmas period.
For organisers the model of annual periodicity is also more convenient – we can focus on one date and better prepare the accompanying programme and other activities which attract more visitors and the interest of media. Continuous growth of the exhibition guarantees a wider range of products and greater experience for visitors.
Our aim is to bring Minerals Brno close to international events which are usually staged once a year.
The assumed topic of the accompanying programme of Minerals Brno 2011 will be agates or gold.
We welcome co-operation with exhibitors when carrying out the accompanying programme which will again include at least an accompanying exhibition and visitors’ contest for prizes.

The next 26th run of the Minerals Brno exhibition will be staged in the last but one weekend in November, from the 19 to 20 November 2011.

Registration for exhibitors to the next exhibition will be launched on 1 January 2011.

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