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Verify any offer to register

You should check any offer for entry in a list of exhibitors and international catalogues.

If you attended a trade fair in Brno, it may happen that you receive an offer to update the data about your business in a catalogue or list of exhibitors, which is not being published by the fair organizer. These offers may be the product of deceivers.

Companies managing these catalogues use forms which do not give away their content to be a very unfavourable offer at first glance. Accompanying letters or forms are often under the name of a trade fair or exhibition company. We therefore recommend exhibitors to read any such offer very carefully and think twice about what they sign. If you are unsure, you can contact your dealer with whom you have dealt with regarding your participation in a trade fair in Brno. This will help you uncover whether the activity is really associated with the organizer of the fair or whether it may be possible fraud.

In case you do sign, it is usually pointless to defend oneself through legal action. The recommended solution is not to pay anything and inform the other party in writing that the exhibitor has been misled, because they believed that completing the form did not oblige them to anything and that they do not consider themselves bound by such a commitment. Enforceability of such obligations is usually very difficult.



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