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29.-31.5. 2019

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

Army accelerates its modernization


In response to the security situation in the world, the Ministry of Defence announced a number of armament projects, whose implementation is expected in 2017 to 2030. In the field of ground forces armament, the plan is to purchase 240 precision shooting rifles later this year and 40 sniper rifles next year. In the following years, Russian handheld anti-tank weapons will also be replaced, together with tracked infantry fighting vehicles and Kajman light armoured vehicles. Other projects envisage the acquisition of wheeled armoured vehicles for the command-staff and communication, portable anti-tank defence systems, tanks, self-propelled mortars and fire control systems or artillery radars. The implementation of the 21st century soldier project is also on-going. Besides purchasing pistols, night vision devices and individual ballistic protection, acquisition of accurate assault rifles with grenade launchers, as well as NATO calibre machine guns, bridge sets, pontoon bridges, demining or blocking equipment are also being prepared. The armament of ground forces will be gain vehicle sets for the needs of chemical, biological and radiological monitoring, decontamination lines and vehicles etc.

The Air Force sees its crucial project in the continuation of renting the JAS-39 Gripen, the acquisition of new multi-purpose helicopters, the MADR Madre 3D radar project and supplementing of RBS-70 NG anti-aircraft resources. Furthermore, purchase of SHORAD air defence systems and prospectively a new generation of missiles are considered. Already this year, the first new airport radar will also be supplied. Extensive investment is expected in the area of communication and information systems, which will modernize its whole connecting and data network. In the area of logistics, purchase of all kinds of vehicles including tank trailers and containers, workshop and rescue vehicles is planned. Development is also expected through acquisition of explosion-resistant containers, forklifts, water treatment plants, field kitchens, power stations and others.

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