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Laptops that can withstand almost anything


Panasonic Toughbook presents a complete range of notebooks with different levels of resistance in Hall P. Computers of the highest line are tested to military standards and are suitable for the most demanding field work. They are dustproof, fully waterproof, can withstand a fall from a height of 180 cm and maximum vibration. They can be installed in different racks or holders in a car and used directly during the ride. The most popular models include the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, which is useful for both the army as well as the police and rescue services due to its dimensions. The attention of visitors is also attracted by the ultra-mobile solution in one hand – a very light and tiny CF-U1 model, which despite its size is quite a full-service computer. It can be complemented by a camera, scanner, fingerprint reader and passport control, thus it is perfect for police and border control.

Beside products for the power ministries, Panasonic Toughbook also focuses on solutions for the industry, power generation, construction, etc. The biggest news on the stand in Hall P is the CF-53 model, a moderately resistant computer usable across all sectors. "These notebooks can withstand rough handling, you can write with them even when wearing gloves. They are suitable for manufacturing plants and areas with increased dust levels, temperature, etc. They can be used in garages, where they work with attached diagnostic systems," explained the company marketing manager Radka Karlová. The popularity of these resistant products for corporate customers is contributed due to its extremely high reliability. "The failure of Toughbooks is between two and three percent, which is several times less than with standard notebooks," she emphasized.

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