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Dance Life Expo
4.-6.11. 2016

Dance Show & Trade Event

IDF European Championship - fees, registration



  • Technical Card for IDF competitions
    • 10 EUR / person / competition
      The licence, which is necessary for every dancer dancing at IDF competition!
      You should renewed it at the start of each calendar or pay before your first IDF competition that year / in your life
      The fee for technical card will be paid via bank transfer during the registration process.
      Payment should be made on the bank account of IDF:
      Banca Popolare dell’Emilia-Romagna, Casalecchio di Reno Branch, Bologna, Italy
      IBAN Bank references IT73I0538736670000001231547
  • Registration Fee for the competition:
    Participation Fees are as follows:
    • € 10,00 for each individual dancer (Solo/Duo/Couple);
    • € 5,00 for each individual dancer for each added category;
    • € 50,00 for Small Group;
    • € 80,00 for Formation.

Within October 20th 2016 the IDF Secretary Office will send to each President a copy of dancers’ register for the final verification as well as the confirmation of the total amount of the participation fees to be paid.

The payment should be made via bank transfer into the Organizer’s bank account. Co-ordinate of Bank as follow:
ČSOB, a.s. Brno, account number: 3401803/0300
variable symbol (identifical number): 16060

  • Entrance Fee:
    Entrance price for the audience and accompanying (also contains day entrance ticket to all halls = entrance to Dance Life Expo, Sport Life and In-joy festivals):
    • On place: 170 CZK / 7 EUR / person / day
    • Online: 130 CZK / 5 EUR / person / day
    • Online: 300 CZK / 12 EUR/ person / 3 days 
  • Dancers will also have a chance to buy on the place:
    • DLE Open Class workshops for all day (dance workshops for beginners and intermediates, it will be possible to buy it on the place)
    • or individual DLE Master class workshops (for advanced dancers, with international stars), price of this particular MC workshop is from 7 EUR to 30 EUR.
    • Schedule of the workshops will be possible to find on www.dancelifeexpo.cz


  • Each dancer must be registered to compete through national director of the IDF.
  • Each country has only one access to registration form, through which it is possible to register individual clubs and competitors.
  • Registration will start on September 15 and will run only until October 15, 2016!

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