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Dance Life Expo
6.-8.11. 2015

Dance Show & Trade Event

IDF 2015 European Cup - fees, registration



  • Specially for this IDF European Cup there will be no IDF Technical Card (10 EUR) 
  • Registration Fee for the competition: 10 EUR/ person/competition for the first IDF competition (contains starting fee for 1st type of competition + day entrance  ticket to all  halls = entrance to Dance Life Expo, Sport Life and In-joy festivals), 
  • 5 EUR/ person/competition for second and another IDF competition
  • Registration Fee will be paid in the day of the competition (there is no possibility to pay it via bank account or credit card) at least 2 hours before the start of particular competition!
  • Registration Fee will be paid in cash (Euros or Czech crowns are accepted)
  • Registration Fee from all dancers from one dance club/studio has to be paid all at once. 
  • Entrance price for the audience and accompanying : 170 CZK/ 7 EUR (also contains day entrance  ticket to all  halls = entrance to Dance Life Expo, Sport Life and In-joy festivals)

Dancers will also have a chance to buy on the place:

  • DLE Open Class workshops for all day (dance workshops for beginners and intermediates,  it will be possible to buy it on the place, price is 8 EUR)
  • or individual DLE Master class workshops  (for advanced dancers, with international stars) - it will be possible to buy it on the place, price of this particular MC workshop is from 7 EUR to 30 EUR.
  • Schedule of the workshops you can find on www.dancelifeexpo.cz

Dancers may also register to IN-JOY BATTLE (it is not the part of IDF European Cup) – there will be only one age category, registration fee is 100 CZK/ 4 EUR per person/discipline and will be paid in cash in the day of the competition. Here is the list of battles:

10:00-11:00 WAACKING 1 vs 1
11:00-12:00 POPPING 1 vs 1
12:00-13:00 VOGUE 1 vs 1
13:00-14:00 DANCEHALL 1 vs 1
14:00-15:00 HOUSE 1 vs 1
15:00-16:00 HIP HOP 2 vs 2
16:00-17:00 ALL STYLE crew vs crew
17:00-18:30 BREAK DANCE 1 vs 1
18:30-20:00 BREAK DANCE 3 vs 3


  • Each competitor has to register via website www.dancelifeexpo.cz (there is a special registration form for IDF European Cup and also for IN-JOY Battle). Applications in any form and by phone won't be considered!
  • Registration will be only from 15th September to 31th October 2015!

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