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Following the approved corporate consolidation the City of Brno now owns 95% of firm's shares ( www.brno.cz ).

The company Trade Fairs Brno having its place of business in Brno, Výstaviště 1, IČO (Identification number of the company) 25 58 25 18 became the legal successor to BVV and on the day of the corporate consolidation it took over the total assets of the dissolved company BVV.

In this way 1 November 2001 became another significant milestone in more than a 70-year history of the Brno Exhibition Center including the following historical dates: in May 1928 the Exhibition Center was established on the occasion of the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Czechoslovakia, in September 1959 - the 1st International Engineering Fair Brno was staged, on 28 December 1990 - the joint-stock company Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions was set up, in July 1998 - Messe Düsseldorf as the majority proprietor purchased 73% of the BVV shares from FINOP HOLDING and in November 1999 - the company Trade Fairs Brno was established. On 1 November 2001 the valid decision of the Regional Court in Brno dating 24 October 2001 on the corporate consolidation of the joint-stock companies Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (BVV) and Trade Fairs Brno came into force.

Majority shareholder is the City of Brno since April 2016.

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