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3.-7.10. 2016

Protective equipment and safety at work as a special topic at the International Engineering Fair MSV 2016

Messe Brünn Eigenveranstaltung Nummer 1 in MOE Messe

Daten & Fakten:

Based on discussions with the exhibitors and the results of this year's INTERPROTEC fair, we decide that these sections of the fair will be affiliated as a special theme with the  International Engineering Fair MSV 2016 and the concurrently held technology fairs, WELDING, FOND-EX (foundry), PROFINTECH (finishing), PLASTEX (plastics technology) and IMT (machine tools), which will take place on 3 to 7 October 2016 at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

The nomenclature of "protective equipment" is part of the sectional division of MSV, under the code number 2.27.

The location of the exhibition stands is planned in Hall Z, adjacent to the FOND-EX Foundry Fair.

If you are interested in making use of the potential offered by the largest industrial trade fair in Central Europe and present your company at MSV, please contact Mrs. Dagmar Darmopilová, who will provide you with more details including pricing conditions and will send you an application for participation (ddarmopilova@bvv.cz, tel. 541 152 944, 602 750 277).

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3.-7.10. 2016

3.-7.10. 2016

3.-7.10. 2016

3.-7.10. 2016

3.-7.10. 2016

3.-7.10. 2016

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