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2.-3.3. 2012

Größte Franchise-Schau der Tschechischen Republik

A few words on the show


Jozef Šétaffy, chairman of the board of directors, GastroNet a. s., member of the board of directors of the Slovak Franchise Association:
There has not been any such trade fair specialising in franchising in Slovakia, and here, concepts present both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia are being presented, so it makes sense to participate in the show for Slovak entrepreneurs who are expanding onto the Czech market. The organisation of the trade fair is excellent, many people came on Friday, and it was just so on Saturday. Layman visitors find their way to the Brno Exhibition Centre too, which is good, however, here one can find a supporting programme for experts as well.

Kamila Zárychtová, Business for Breakfast:
We would hereby like to express our thanks to BVV Trade Fairs Brno for making the Franchise Meeting Point trade fair happen. I consider the event a successful one. The organizers managed to achieve a great thing: they have been spreading knowledge and awareness of franchising in the Czech Republic, thus informing Czech entrepreneurs about possibilities in franchise business which have significantly increased in the Czech Republic recently.

Antonia Štensová, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, long-time manager and member of expert group of Slovak Franchise Association group, publicist, franchise consultant:
Franchising presentations and shows were organized before, but they were different. In comparison to the past, nowadays it is not necessary to present franchising as such; rather than that, particular concepts are presented, and the show is therefore focused to a greater extent directly on entrepreneurs. In the last years, our business thrived thanks to certain brands – and these are presenting themselves here. Visitors come not only to look, but aim to reach specific goals and get into negotiations with partners, which is a great shift – qualitatively speaking. Czech and Slovak franchising associations have been cooperating since the very beginning; we had even planned to establish a single one but as Czechoslovakia split, two associations were founded. Therefore, a single, common exhibition is a logical step.

Lenka Křížová, franchising, Yves Rocher:
The show is just great, we are thrilled. Many visitors came – certainly more than we had expected – and many of them paid a visit to our stand. We provided a great volume of information; we have even negotiated about some particular cooperation. I have already arranged a couple of meetings with some of the people interested in our concept.

Jiří Málek, managing director, Český grunt CZ, s. r. o.:
This is the first time for us here, and I must say that I am surprised in a very positive way. I am certainly satisfied with the number of people coming to our stand, being interested in what we have got to offer. I acquired many contacts, certainly more than I had anticipated, and I am very curious to see whether they will blossom into any kind of cooperation. We have negotiated with people who were seriously interested in cooperating with us, so I have had great impression of our participation here.

Jiří Böhm, PR manager/speaker, PROFIT system franchise services s. r. o.:
A trade show like this is needed here in the Czech Republic as the notion of franchising is still not well known and it is good to give it a push, spread it and support it. A trade show is a way for the information about it to reach wide public. I believe it should be held regularly, every year. We are by all means satisfied with number of visitors. We have had so many business meetings here that we have run out of business cards!

Petra Ritschelová, manager of the Czech Franchise Association:
It is necessary for our association to be present at such events which are certainly very important for promotion of franchising. However, assessment of the event can be made only after the trade fair is over, and it must be done taking reaction to it into consideration. We promote franchising in the Czech Republic and we shall see whether we attract any new members. We have had many extensive negotiations with entrepreneurs interested in new concepts.

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