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Dance Life Expo
8.-10.11. 2013

Trade & show dance event

Statistische Angaben Dance Life Expo 2013


Second international dance festival/expo DANCE LIFE EXPO /DLE/ took place at Brno Fair Grounds, with interest of professionals as well as general public. It this confirmed its success from previous year when the festival took place for the first time.

Program on all three floors of hall E was watched by incredible 35.500 spectators from 13 countries, out of which there were 3.000 active dancers.

DANCE LIFE EXPO, the biggest dance event in central Europe, moved forward and grew exceptional.

We created more stages, workshop halls and seminar rooms. For the first time in history of dance more than 40 dance styles within unbelievable 140 shows on 5 stages, 160 workshops, seminars and competitions presented within a single festival.

A Czech record in number of dancers of one choreography at the same time a tone place was beaten again during DLE.

Exceptionality of this action was amplified by omnipresent original philosophy „to unite a dance world and show its strenght, diversity and beauty“.


Anzahl der teilnehmenden Firmen: 225
Netto Ausstellungsfläche: 26 084 qm
Anzahl der Besucher: 35 689 aus 13 Ländern *)
Anzahl der akkreditierten Journalisten: 127 *)
Statistiken sind Messen SPORT Life, Caravaning Brno und Dance Life Expo


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